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Finally got to cook again after so long! Given my crazy schedule, I no longer have time to cook at home as often as before. I miss preparing my top favorites - Bicol Express and Caldereta! So thanks to Kikkoman and their recent event, my hands are back in the galley! What an amazing feeling! :)

Having raised by two of the best chefs in the (my) world, our kitchen’s always the busiest area in the house especially on weekends. That’s where Mom and Dad perform the magic, and everytime they walk to our dining area, they carry plates and bowls of yummy cuisines. And of course, I’m their most enthusiastic aide, enjoying every bit of placing spices, slicing vegetables and pouring condiments! That habit + all the cooking lessons from my parents = the frustrated Chef Arnie! :p

Few weeks ago, I was invited to an exclusive class called Oriental Journey: Beginnings. Sponsored by Kikkoman, this class was held at 25 Mushrooms Kitchen in Valle Verde. Our instructors taught us a lot of Japanese meal recipes (ultimate favorite!) and exposed us to the “Secrets of Restaurants that they will never ever share with you.” All those meals were equipped with Kikkoman, nevertheless!

By the way, when my parents knew I was attending an event for Kikkoman, they got so excited because they love the brand! They’ve been using Kikkoman ever since. To their words: best soy sauce and best marinating sauce!

Kikkoman’s authentic flavor is just what you need to unleash your flair for creating oriental masterpieces in the kitchen. It’s made with the finest ingredients and brewed to authentically oriental perfection! :) For centuries, Kikkoman remains unparalleled, and this is the result of its meticulous, natural brewing process.

Kikkoman is not just authentically oriental; it’s also one with the highest quality, made with time-honored traditions that go as far back as the 1700s. Classic!

1st Dish: California Rolls

You have no idea how thrilled I was when I saw the ingredients and bamboo mats! I love rolls, and I’m so happy I now know how to make some! :)

Of course, rolls are never complete without soy sauce (from Kikkoman) and wasabi!

2nd Dish: Chicken Teriyaki

I love to marinate dishes! Not sure why I find it therapeutic to soak and massage meat with seasonings. Weird ko ba. Hahaha! So I was super delighted when I found out that we were making Chicken Teriyaki!

The preparation for Chicken Teriyaki wasn’t all a breeze, though. Beyond marinating and frying, all of us had to debone the chicken. My first time! Challenge accepted! :) 

Marinated with Kikkoman Teriyaki! Sooo good!

Tambalang Arnie and Kelly for Kikkoman Philippines! We kinda held a live cooking show during the event. Hahaha! Those who follow me on Snapchat (add me: arnievillanueva) got dibs to this show! :p


3rd Dish: Japanese Fried Rice

I love cooking chao fan at home! My favorite! Thankfully, I learned how to prepare its Japanese version! Meron nang variety! :p Don’t forget to add Kikkoman Soy Sauce to give better flavor!

4th Dish: Gyudon

Last, but definitely not the least, was Gyudon! Now I know how to make this dish! Tasted all better with Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce!

Solid ng may egg yolk pa in the middle!

READY TO EAT! Yummmm ♥♥♥

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Class photo (c) Ava

I love Kikkoman! I had the best time at this class! Learned a lot, and I’m definitely applying my new Kikkoman-powered food hacker skills to good use as soon as possible!

What if I cook for you guys? Hoping to hold a mini reunion with the Raid My Closet babies and serve you my humble dishes! I’ll try to plan that out! 

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