Back to Basics

With blogging, kilig never fades. I’ve been in the industry for almost 5 years already but I still feel giddy while shooting OOTDs and drafting posts. Receiving emails from brands for events and projects still humbles me, as if it’s my first time (all over again) to get tapped for a collaboration. And to be honest, I still melt whenever I read your comments and messages, not only about my latest style posts but about how you get affected with my #FeelsFest. I’ve the best readers on earth ♥

Sorry if I sounded a bit emotional there, haha! Just came from a refreshing Holy Week trip with my family and I’ve a couple of hours intended for rest and blogging. I realized I haven’t been posting as often as before anymore because work work work work work work he said me haffi (hahaha what was that Arns) but I’ll try my best to go back to the grind. After all, Raid My Closet is my home and first love!

On me: Forever 21 dress and necklace | Spend/Save purse courtesy of SM Accessories | Adidas Stan Smiths (White)

Plain dresses versus printed ones, gold slim necklaces over statement pieces, white sneakers! Returning back to basics!

It's perfectly fine to follow the latest style trends and experiment, but make sure to not go over the top. Keep the staples - those that you can still wear even after a couple of years. :)

All-time dilemma: Spend or Save
Which would you rather do? :p

Photos by John King delos Reyes

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