Unilever's Pureit Excella

In a day, I drink around 20+ glasses of water on average. Yep, I’m a big water-drinker and I think I got it from my parents. :) But as much as we try to take in more and be healthy, sure ka bang safe ang iniinom mo? Affordable nga, pero guaranteed bang trusted ang mga water refilling stations where you order? Mahirap mag-risk!

Months back, my parents would order liters of mineral water from a renowned brand almost every week. Mom said it was too costly so we shifted to containers from water refilling stations. Almost everyone’s into it. According to the 2013 Kantar Worldpanel In-Home Packaged Water Report, roughly 60% of urban households buy their drinking water from those. It’s really convenient, all you need is your phone and they’ll deliver right to your doorstep. Little did we know that those can become contaminated especially during handling, storage and delivery of containers.

Thankfully, nandito ang Unilever to help protect the health of our families! Introducing its state-of-the-art water purifier - PureIt Excella. ♥

My excited daddy helping me install Pureit! :)

Pureit Excella is an in-home, non-electric water purifier that converts tap water into clean and safe drinking water. It has an advanced five-step purification process that eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and parasites to meet the stringent safety standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Sobrang okay ito!

Still not pleased? Here’s why you should buy Pureit!

Guaranteed Microbiologically Safe Drinking Water
Meets stringent global standards for safe drinking water (US Environmental Protection Agency)

Protects from Bacteria, Virus and Parasites
Removes harmful germs to provide complete protection from all waterborne diseases

Removes Metallic and Chemical Impurities
Removes chlorine, lead, rust and pesticide

No Electricity
Advanced technology that needs no electricity

Huge Savings
One time purchase - Php1,050 SRP

Sure akong protected ang family ko with Unilever’s Pureit Excella! Visit Pureit's Website for more information + where to buy. ♥

Maraming salamat, Unilever! 

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