In These Pants

Nothing beats a sexy pair of jeans! That perfect fit hugging your thighs, length that you desire, slightly distressed denims - my kind of hot! If you’re searching for such kind of jeans, why don’t you come and visit Memo? My current favorite’s from there! ;)

Memo recently released the most coveted #InThesePants collection. I’ve 3 pairs under this new group - 2 skinnies and 1 slim! Sharing with you the first skinny denims I wore to work a few days back.

On me: top courtesy of Memo | skinny jeans courtesy of Memo | sling bag courtesy of SM Accessories | The Ramp pumps

You can be both sexy and laidback in these pants! For some reason, I felt extra confident that day with this ensemble. So make sure to chase and keep your best-fitting pants. You’ll need it especially on days when you feel like trash but you want to look good. Heels + pants will save you!

Might abuse this top, too! Memo’s got so many versatile items, you can match the pieces with other garbs and you’d still look great. I can imagine wearing this top with white shorts and sneakers and I’m already weekend-ready!

Photos by John King delos Reyes

Can’t wait to show you the two other pants I got from Memo! Make sure to hit your nearest Memo stores and be seen #InThesePants! ♥♥♥

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