How To Get Instantly Smooth Hair

I’m pretty sure most of us have experienced the worst hair days ever! For some reason, despite your usual routine, there will be moments that you’re challenged with unmanageable tresses. No amount of twisting, tying, clipping back or wearing hats can mask the utter frustration of dealing with hair that just won’t fall in place.

The number 1 conditioner brand, Cream Silk, definitely knows our frustrations so the brand came up with the perfect hair solution for the modern woman on the go! WE. NEED. THIS.

Introducing Cream Silk’s Standout Straight Leave-On Cream, a hair polish and a leave-on conditioner in one. You’ll get instantly smooth and shiny hair, #AnytimeAnywhere that only Cream Silk can provide. ;)

Just to share with you, I tried using leave-on hair products way back in high school simply because I wanted to have the nicest crowning glory. But after several days of application, I noticed how oily/greasy my hair became so I stopped.

After years of swearing not to use such, I gave this Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream a chance. After all, it’s from the same umbrella of my all-time favorite conditioner, and I know I can trust the brand. For over a week now, my hair’s been gorgeously softer and shinier!

I love that this new Cream Silk innovation has a light and non-greasy formula, infused with Hair Reborn Actives, which can smoothen and nourish frizzy hair. It can be applied to damp or dry hair, so you can use it in any beauty emergencies!

With a pea-sized amount of product, you can spread it across your hands, and work the cream evenly into your hair from root to tips. No doubt, your hair will become noticeably more beautiful in just one application!

This product comes in a conveniently sized 40ml applicator that anyone can easily carry in their bag to suit their busy lifestyle.

Cream Silk’s Leave-On Cream is available in all major retailers for only Php49.00.

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