Active Wear by Black Bough

I’m certainly not the sexiest girl you’ll ever meet (no abs, flat-chested, no humps nor lady lumps, lels) so I’ve no idea where I found the guts to do this OOTD. :p Anymoo, I badly miss my every day gym hits. And when I finally decide to go back, I’m definitely wearing this sports bra courtesy of Black Bough. It has the nicest quality, I tell you! ;)

On me: The Player sports bra (in Neon Lemon) courtesy of Black Bough | sweat pants courtesy of Converse Philippines | Nike Free 5.0

Months back, I get my gym fix at Gold's after work. I’d use my sports bra the entire day (imagine: under my meeting-ready clothes). I felt too conscious ‘cos my old bra would show annoying marks on my tops. I’m so thrilled to use this new one from Black Bough, for it doesn’t show any visible lines on your garb! :) Tried it with the shirt I wore prior to this shoot, and to my Sunday mass dress. Indeed, no smears!

Despite The Player’s ultra-soft and super-lightweight fabric, it promises maximum support through its high impact level 3 sports bra. Perfect for any workout routines or yoga positions!

Get fit with Black Bough’s favorite fitness dime! If you’re looking for one that can both fit and flatter your body, this is it!

Purchase it now via Black Bough’s website for only Php1,500.00! They also have several designs that you'll love - including shorts and sweatpants! 

Photos by Mom

Let’s lose weight before Christmas, shall we? I’m ready to binge on lechon and other salu-salo meals this holiday! #motivation

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