3 Ways to Take Your Beauty to the Next Level

And just like that, we’re at the last quarter of 2015 already! Where did all the other months go, really? While we face mid-October, are you now comfortable to say that this is YOUR year? With all the hustle and bustle every day, are you ready to face the days ahead with beauty to the next level?

My teen idol and recent newly-wed, Heart Evangelista, revealed that for her, "2015 marked a year of many big achievements.” Aside from her first international exhibit in Singapore, Heart also welcomed a new journey for herself in marriage.

Given her busy and hectic career, Heart sure did make everything seem easy. I even found myself stalking her on Instagram one night, wondering how she can do all that and still look as beautiful and as effortless as she does! Luckily, she shared her top 3 recommendations on how to take your look to the next level, making the best even better!

1. On Beauty: Emphasize your assets.

Who’s guilty of putting on too much cosmetics on a daily basis? Heart recounts that her go to look will always be simple and classic elegance, and the best way to change up your look is just to keep your make up as simple as possible. “My style is more on being simple, accentuating what you already have and working from there, I don’t think you have to be over the top with layers and layers full of make up - less is definitely more.”

Classic brows paired with a nice shade of lipstick, double check! ;)

2. On Fashion: Inject Your Own Personality

“Fashion has a lot to do with who you are. My personal style would be simple, basic, and classic, very much inspired by the likes of Grace Kelly. I still love wearing my white tees and ripped jeans, but when it comes to taking it to the next level, I think every girl should have a pair of classic beige heels! Once you wear them, it instantly gives this taller effect that compliments any look!”

On your check list, make sure to include that classic beige heels! To this one, I couldn’t agree more!

3. On Hair: Go For the Tried and Tested

No look is complete without the proper locks to match it! According to Heart, “my hair is what completes my look, whether it be simple and straight, or up in voluminous curls, my hair adds that extra oomph of personality to my daily look.”

Heart shares that in terms of applying your make up or purchasing clothes from different stores, you can be a little more experimental. But when it comes to her tresses, she only trusts one brand, and that is Creamsilk.

For Heart, her real struggle with always changing up her hairstyle would really be how to properly care for her hair, and give it the moisture and nourishment it needs. “There’s nothing worse than coming to an event with dry and damaged hair, that’s why with me, I don’t take any chances.”

♥ ♥ 

Been a Cream Silk user since high school and it gave nothing but the utmost care to my tresses ’til present! So if you want to take your beauty to the next level, too, try out the reformulated Stand Out Straight conditioner for softer, beautiful and more manageable hair!

Can’t wait to see your look! ♥

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