Puso by Quest Hotel

Quest Hotel is situated at the heart of Cebu, offering affordable, comfortable, sleek and upscale hotel experience. You’ll feel a sense of deluxe the moment you enter their premises. We’ve been eyeing to stay here as well but they were fully booked due to APEC. Quest justified why I need to go back to Cebu soon!

We arrived just in time for Puso’s buffet. You’ll figure out why it’s called Puso later on! They offer a wide variety of cuisines, meeting whatever your taste buds crave for. From the classic Filipino dishes to your favorite international dishes, Puso has them all! They also boast their great dessert selections, ready to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Nothing beats sumptuous eats in the nicest hotel ambiance! We couldn’t ask for more!

Why should you dine and stay at Quest Hotel? Let me take you to a virtual tour!

The Bread Library
Wanted to take home some of these freshly baked goodies but I was too full! I’m slightly a bread person, and these look really yummy! :)

Do you ever get that feeling of confusion (in a good way) whenever you dine in buffets? Where to start, what to get, how many plates can I carry… hahaha! You really lose class when you’re hungry! :p

Who wouldn’t get insane with all these? Part of me wanted to immediately get lechon and rice but I chose to proceed with Japanese rolls first. They’re my true love.

We also filled our plates with Chinese dimsum, Mexican tacos and Thai wraps.

Of course we had more! Headed to the meat and fish section, and finally got to taste PUSO! Familiar with this? :)

In a nutshell, PUSO is a rice wrapped in coconut leaves in a triangular manner. It’s actually my first time to taste Puso and it’s the best! Quest Hotel offers different kinds of Puso mixes. Some are stuffed with Adobo, some with seafood, and all other nice viand combinations. I had the one with shrimp and it was so good! :)

Already set my standards for Puso, and if I get to taste it elsewhere, I’d compare it with the ones from Quest all the time because they’re heavenly!

Certainly left spaces in my tummy for desserts! I’ve tried their blueberry cheesecake, fruits and local panghimagas like Sapin Sapin and Maja Ube. Solid meal enders!

If you’re Cebu-bound anytime soon and in the mood for some fancy treats, make sure to visit Puso at Quest Hotel. Do check-in there, too! I’d personally choose Quest Hotel the next time we fly to Cebu!

Quest Hotel is located at Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City
Call 402-5999 or visit their website for inquiries and bookings.

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