Left My Heart at Cebu

Aaand now I’m blogging about our last day in Cebu. It’s been 3 weeks since this trip but all I want right now is to escape Manila and go back to this beautiful city again. So many great memories that I’ll carry with me forever. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

We were pressed with time on our last day. We woke up late and ran to the grocery for last minute errands before following our Day 3 itinerary. Good thing our hotel’s just a few walks away from Ayala Center Cebu. All our plotted eats were located there - Casa Verde and Tablea!

On me: white fringe cropped top courtesy of Style Stunner Manila | long knit cardigan courtesy of Style Stunner Manila | high-waist white shorts courtesy of Indiego Boutique | Trunk Show hat | SM Parisian sling bag | sneakers courtesy of PEOPLE Footwear

Cebu Day 3 Itinerary
10:00AM - Late Hotel Breakfast
11:30AM - Grocery and Pasalubong Shopping at Ayala Center Cebu
1:00PM - Lunch at Casa Verde
2:30PM - Dessert at Tablea
4:10PM - Arrival at the Airport
4:30PM - Flight Back to Manila
6:00PM - Arrival at NAIA

White out, like always! Told you my closet’s filled with whites, and I won’t get rid of them ever! :p You just have to be extra careful when wearing such ensemble especially when you eat and travel. My friends would always tease me whenever I use tissues as bibs every meal. I’m that cautious so I won’t leave stains!

Anymoo, after errands, we headed to Casa Verde for lunch. We’ve already tried Casa Verde here in Manila but they say it’s different when you try it from its original home. ♥ Both good!

Casa Verde did not disappoint, especially with its mouth-watering ribs in enormous serving sizes!

After the filling lunch, we walked to Tablea for their famous hot chocolate and coffee. I was having a terrible headache then, but surprisingly I felt better after my first few sips. Really nothing a good drink can’t fix! :)

I think we relaxed too much that we arrived late at the airport. Our flight’s at 4:30PM, we came in around 4:10PM - stewards were already escorting everyone inside the plane. Muntik na! Hahahaha!

Everything went perfect during this trip. I’m more than thankful for all the amazing things that happened in Cebu. My heart is filled with happiness! ♥

Hoping you’ll have the same awesome experience in your next trip! Tell me about it in the comments section below. :)

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