La Vie Parisienne

When in Cebu, you must not miss spending an afternoon for coffee or an evening for wine at La Vie Parisienne! Make sure to take tons of photos at this beautiful place, too! :)

Can’t think of any better place to shoot my first day ensemble than here! Every corner’s Instagram-worthy! ♥♥♥

On me: SM Woman top | denim skirt courtesy of Paradise Treats | sneakers courtesy of PEOPLE Footwear (available at Res Toe Run) | floppy hat from Trunk Show | sling bag courtesy of SM Parisian

La Vie Parisienne is part of the famous French restaurant La Maison Rose, located at Lahug. If you’re unfamiliar with the place, you might miss it on your first drive because La Vie Parisienne doesn’t look fancy from outside.

Don’t get intimidated with the name and place, though! This hidden gem, apart from its majestic view, offers great pastries and drink selections at very reasonable prices. Think: croissants at Php35.00, wines starting at Php300.00! Why not! ♥

La Vie Parisienne is pretty anytime of the day! Check out this post to see what’s inside their wine library, or this post for a glimpse of how it looks like at night.

You’ll see more of La Vie Parisienne on my YouTube channel soon! I’m about to release my first vlog entry, so hit that subscribe button, will you? :)

Kisses! xx

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Puso by Quest Hotel

Quest Hotel is situated at the heart of Cebu, offering affordable, comfortable, sleek and upscale hotel experience. You’ll feel a sense of deluxe the moment you enter their premises. We’ve been eyeing to stay here as well but they were fully booked due to APEC. Quest justified why I need to go back to Cebu soon!

We arrived just in time for Puso’s buffet. You’ll figure out why it’s called Puso later on! They offer a wide variety of cuisines, meeting whatever your taste buds crave for. From the classic Filipino dishes to your favorite international dishes, Puso has them all! They also boast their great dessert selections, ready to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Nothing beats sumptuous eats in the nicest hotel ambiance! We couldn’t ask for more!

Why should you dine and stay at Quest Hotel? Let me take you to a virtual tour!

The Bread Library
Wanted to take home some of these freshly baked goodies but I was too full! I’m slightly a bread person, and these look really yummy! :)

Do you ever get that feeling of confusion (in a good way) whenever you dine in buffets? Where to start, what to get, how many plates can I carry… hahaha! You really lose class when you’re hungry! :p

Who wouldn’t get insane with all these? Part of me wanted to immediately get lechon and rice but I chose to proceed with Japanese rolls first. They’re my true love.

We also filled our plates with Chinese dimsum, Mexican tacos and Thai wraps.

Of course we had more! Headed to the meat and fish section, and finally got to taste PUSO! Familiar with this? :)

In a nutshell, PUSO is a rice wrapped in coconut leaves in a triangular manner. It’s actually my first time to taste Puso and it’s the best! Quest Hotel offers different kinds of Puso mixes. Some are stuffed with Adobo, some with seafood, and all other nice viand combinations. I had the one with shrimp and it was so good! :)

Already set my standards for Puso, and if I get to taste it elsewhere, I’d compare it with the ones from Quest all the time because they’re heavenly!

Certainly left spaces in my tummy for desserts! I’ve tried their blueberry cheesecake, fruits and local panghimagas like Sapin Sapin and Maja Ube. Solid meal enders!

If you’re Cebu-bound anytime soon and in the mood for some fancy treats, make sure to visit Puso at Quest Hotel. Do check-in there, too! I’d personally choose Quest Hotel the next time we fly to Cebu!

Quest Hotel is located at Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City
Call 402-5999 or visit their website for inquiries and bookings.

Cebu Taoist Temple and Zubuchon

For Cebu day 2, we felt energized after a good long sleep. We were ready to explore more of the city! After our nice breakfast at Parklane, we headed to the famous Taoist Temple.

And by the way, in case you missed the first day post, check it out here.

Cebu Day 2 Itinerary
8:30AM - Breakfast at Parklane International Hotel
10:30AM - Bound for Cebu Taoist Temple
11:10AM - Arrival at Cebu Taoist Temple
1:00PM - Lunch at Zubuchon
3:00PM - Pasalubong Shopping at Ayala Center Cebu
6:00PM - Back to Parklane International Hotel, Rest/Prepare for Dinner
7:30PM - Dinner at Puso, Quest Hotel
10:00PM - Wine Night at La Vie Parisienne
1:00AM - Back at Parklane International Hotel

The Cebu Taoist Temple was quite far from where we stayed. After a 40-minute cab ride, we finally reached the temple inside Beverly Hills Subdivision. Albeit a sacred place, glad that they accept non-worshippers and tourists inside. It was good to know more about their culture and a nice panoramic view of Cebu City. :)

Keep these in mind if you plan to visit the Cebu Taoist Temple:

• Wear decent clothes. Avoid entering in shorts, sexy tops or dresses (not quite sure if they allow slippers or flipflops). Follow their strict dress code as some are conducting rituals inside.

• Some areas are restricted for photo ops. Visitors are not allowed to take shots of their worship areas and altars. Don’t worry because there are lots of picturesque spots around!

• Be ready for long walks. Apart from the 81 or 99 steps you’ll have to go through upon entering, the Cebu Taoist Temple is really huge. If you want to explore, be in comfortable clothes and footwear, and have a bottled water plus towel with you. There’s a souvenir shop at the temple, though. They sell beverages in case you forget. :)

• Hire a cab. The Cebu Taoist Temple is quite far from the main road. If you don’t have a car, you can either rent the cab you’ve ridden going there (but it can get quite expensive) or use the GrabTaxi app to pick you up.

• Observe silence.

Get a closer view around the city with this telescope. Only Php5.00!

Managed to squeeze in a few OOTD photos!

On me: dress courtesy of Plains and Prints | Ferrin+Gruss sunnies | sandals courtesy of Kara Zapatos | sling bag courtesy of SM Parisian

I had so much fun walking around and taking photos! Aside from sightseeing, you can also go inside the temples and worship, drop two blocks of wood, or have your fortunes read by monks. Remember to leave a wish! :)

Make sure to include the Cebu Taoist Temple in your next trip! :)

After that long morning, we headed back to the city to have lunch at Zubuchon. FINALLY GOT TO TRY IT! No wonder why Anthony Bourdain declared it as the best pig ever! For me, it was the best I’ve tried! I think I can finish a kilo (and die a few hours later). Hahaha!

Ahhhh totally craving as I type!!! It’s THAT good.

Not sure if we have Zubuchon in Manila, because if we don’t, I might fly back to Cebu sometime soon to taste these crunchy babies again. Ughhh

Anymoo, we were off to Ayala Center Cebu after that awesome late lunch for pasalubong shopping at the grocery and Island Souvenirs. We rode a jeepney but we weren’t sure of the fare and how to para. Wish we researched or asked the locals first before that impulsive decision. Hahaha! 

Walked from Ayala Center Cebu back to Parklane carrying our heavy pasalubong bags. Both of us had to prepare for our dinner hosted by Quest Hotel. 

Releasing a YouTube video about our trip very soon! For now, please subscribe at Nothing’s in there yet but soon it’s gonna be packed with everything nice about the world! :p

Hello, Cebu!

Daghang salamat for all the beautiful memories, Cebu! My first ever trip to the queen city of the south was beyond amazing - until now I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about all that we’ve done in a span of 3 days. I love Cebu! 

Been getting quite a lot of messages about this short vacation so I’ll share with you a glimpse of our itinerary - what to do and where to go around the city. Please stay tuned on my YouTube channel as well. I’ve videos ready for you with my MCN Chicken Pork Adobo! :)

Cebu Day 1 Itinerary
8:30AM - Flight to Cebu
10:00AM - Arrival at Mactan International Airport
10:30AM - Check In at Parklane International Hotel
12:00NN - Lunch at Rico’s Lechon
2:00PM - Coffee at La Vie Parisienne
5:30PM - Mass at Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño
7:00PM - Dinner at Parklane International Hotel

Our flight to Cebu was quite early - 8:30AM departure via AirAsia. We ran with barely 4 hours of sleep, but our excited souls were thrilled to finally touchdown Cebu.

Fluffy clouds beside me the entire flight! I’ll never get tired of looking at these cuties!

We arrived around 10AM at Mactan International Airport. Saw quite a lot of delegates (men in suits, lels) and figured that it’s the APEC weekend. Cebu’s traffic rerouting plans made us reach the heart of the city by only 30 minutes (versus the usual of an hour or more, according to the locals).

Hello, Parklane International Hotel! We struggled a bit searching for hotels because it was almost fully booked everywhere due to APEC. So happy they accommodated us even with the super short notice! :)

Parklane’s a great choice - near all the hubs and food spots that we wanted to visit!

Giving everyone a glimpse of our room on my YouTube channel soon!

Anyway, we rested a bit then headed to Rico’s Lechon, just a few blocks away from Parklane. Yup, our first meal’s lechon! :p Nothing beats the taste of the original! 

Rico’s Lechon boasts its great-tasting traditional lechon - your choice if the regular or spicy, but we suggest you get both! Of course we did had the two, and our tummies (+ taste buds) were super happy!

We also met up with my fellow bloggers Vanessa (my virtual momma) and Karlo. Spent pretty much the entire afternoon with this lovely couple and they’re the nicest!

Coffee fix after our filling lunch! We drove to La Vie Parisienne - probably one of my favorite spots in Cebu. We thought it was too early for wine and cheese, and we’re happy they’ve got really nice coffee selections (don’t forget the breads and French macarons).

Cannot miss taking OOTDs in this beautiful place! I’ll blog about that on a separate post. :)

We took a cab downtown for Sunday mass at Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño. This church is the realest survivor - being the oldest one in the Philippines, burnt down thrice decades ago, and gone through a deadly earthquake back in 2013. Mass was held outside the basilica, so huge that the plaza was filled with probably hundreds of attendees. Super heartwarming!

Fell to tears when we entered the church, gave endless thanks to the Lord for all His blessings. My strength are You alone! 

We headed back to Parklane for dinner. Sadly no photos, but you’ll see more of that on my YouTube video! Subscribe subscribe!

That’s it! Not much adventure in our trip, honestly. It was more of rest and city appreciation than strenuous activities, but every bit was special. :) Hope you enjoyed reading through our first day! Posting about days 2 and 3 next!