Vanness Wu for Levi's Philippines

Braved the horrible Makati traffic last Friday to witness another exciting launch of Levi's, and this time, with Asian Superstar Vanness Wu! I know you're thrilled to see more of him, but let's get on to the new Levi's Women's Denim Collection for Fall 2015 first! :)

For Fall 2015, Levi's harnessed over 80 years of women's global denim expertise, paired that knowledge with the innovation and relevancy of today, and obssessed over the details - from the fit and fabric to finish and style - to create a transformational women's jean collection. The Levi's brand global design team identified the key fits and styles that women want, obsessively working to optimize the latest fabric innovations and slimming technologies, creating the perfect fitting jean for each body type. Such innovations include the most advanced stretch and recovery, signature authentic Levi's details and world-class finishing.

With the brand's commitment to continuous innovation while boasting the quality it has always been known for, Levi's created a perfectly tailored and trendy new collection that keeps up with the lifestyles of Asian modern women. The latest addition to Levi's denim collection is inspired by the idea hat "behind every great woman is a great pair of jeans." And I totally agree with that! ❤

Some influencers for Levi's Women's Denim Collection were there, too! Including our baes Vern and Verniece...

The gorgeous Kevin Balot! :) #bodygoals please!

And my favorite girl Martine Cajucom! 

The winners for Ladies in Levi's promo walked the runway, too! :)


F4 FEELS PLEASE!!!!!! I love Vanness Wu!!!

Levi's brought Vanness Wu to the Philippines as a way of thanking all the Levi's female style seeker fans for patronizing the brand for years. He's such a sweetheart! I remember him describing Filipinas as maganda and masarap! And we all went wild! :p

Introducing the new Levi's Denim Collection for women - modern, feminine and sexy from the brand that invented the blue jean.

Thanks for having me, Levi's Philippines! Had such a wonderful night! ❤

The new Levi's Jeans Collection will be available in Levi's stores and in select wholesale partners beginning July 2015. 

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