Random August Picks

My friends know how random I can get. Like I've never ever binged on Milo powder since birth, but this week, I found myself finishing 6 sachets and counting. Or my choice of series would always be all light and sweet (think: Jane by Design or Awkward), but now I'm hooked with sci-fi about clones. Extemes!

Some "about me" lists or guilty pleasures that I've posted in this blog before are probably true in 2013 but totally different in my 2015 self. :p So with this, let me share with you my current top 7 favorites!

On me: Cami dress courtesy of Style Stunner Manila | H&M cardigan | sneakers courtesy of PEOPLE Footwear

1. Orphan Black

Please blame my friends Gela and Judd for introducing me to this Canadian sci-fi series. Now I'm having trust issues with everyone (are you my monitor?) and hearing the coffee press reminds me of Helena. I also thought of switching careers - from being a digital marketing babe to a female cop and solve mysteries. I'm totally geeking out now. Join the clone club with us, yes? :)

2. Sour strips (and gummy worms!)

Some things remain the same! I'm still addicted with sour strips and gummy worms. ❤

3. Tim Ho Wan

Gaaahd I've dined twice at Tim Ho Wan last week and I think I can have lunch or dinner there again before this week ends. Prawn dumplings, stir fried noodles and pork buns!!! :( Please take me there now!!!

Don't judge. I dreamt of rotating pork buns one fine night last week. I think they're haunting me.

4. Finders Keepers

Good vibes. Good vibes. ❤ Christine Liwag would know! ;)

5. Whites

White everything! Maybe you know this already.

6. Original Glazed Donuts

I'm not much of a donut fan. But lately I've been buying original glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme and it's seriously ruining my figure. Stop. Me. ASAP.

7. Yellow Cab

My baby! Anything Yellow Cab is yummy!!! :)

That's it! Sobrang random, I think I'm just fly and tired. Hahaha! Hope you're having a lighter week!

Cheers to the freakin' weekend! Oh man, I waited for you for quite long! ❤

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