The Owl Has Landed

Raise your hands if this is the first time you saw me in a polo shirt! Okay okay I think I'm seeing a lot of high fives there! Yup, after the longest time, I'm finally in this ensemble. I rarely wear polo shirts because I honestly think they don't fit me well. But I had the guts to try one again, and there's no other brand to start with than Memo. #TheOwlHasLanded

On me: polo shirt courtesy of Memo | white pants from Uniqlo | bag courtesy of SM Parisian | pumps from The Ramp

Currently known for its clean lines and classic styles, Memo launched a new and young product line of polos to suit the evolving needs of its stylish clientele. Indeed, the Owl has landed. The Memo Owl Polo is a new line of tops designed to be both versatile and fashionable.

Wore this to one long day at work (overpacked with several meetings), then to the mall for some light dinner with my best friend. I love how flexible and effortlessly stylish this garb is from Memo! I can imagine wearing this with denim shorts + cap + sneakers and still looking nice on a weekend. Or with a jumper/dungaree for some preppy vibes! Definitely trying out those looks in the next few weeks! :)

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