Midweek Rain

Those who know me well can attest to how of a summer fan I am than of the rainy season. I feel ultimately lazy hearing the raindrops, get iffy and annoyed with mud and floods, get scared of lightnings, and become extra clingy with my bed when it's super cold. But for some reason, I still feel driven over the past days despite the rain. Not sure where I got all the positivity but I'm loving it! :p I hope this goes on for long!

On me: sweater from Mango | denim jeans from Uniqlo | sneakers courtesy of PEOPLE Footwear (available at Res Toe Run)

Nothing beats the no-brainer sweater + jeans combo! Effortlessly stylish! :)

Quick outfit post to send all the good vibes to you! Stay safe and dry guys! :)

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