Good Vibes List

Hello guys! How's your week so far? Hope everything's going great for you! :) Squeezing in a quick blog post before heading to my next meeting today. Just thought of sharing a short list of what I do to keep the good vibes going.

On me: dress from Bottomline, The Ramp | sneakers courtesy of PEOPLE Footwear | sling bag courtesy of SM Parisian

1. Start with a prayer and smile.

You're off to conquer another day so start with a prayer - to thank Him for the gift of life, and to seek for guidance for the day ahead. And then smile, because maganda ka and keri mo na everything!

2. Find something to look forward to.

Even in ordinary days, you can find something to look forward to. It can be as simple as getting your favorite ice cream fix or the smell of your savory lunch.

3. Enjoy the little things.

In relation to #2, you can find joy in the little things. If you're having a really bad day, look in the mirror and check your eye brows. If they're still on point, you're still in the right track! Otherwise, treat yourself after a long tiring day. You deserve a good coffee or sumptuous dinner!

4. Line up your feel-good playlist.

I'm no hippie and my playlist is filled with mainstream songs. But listening to those make me feel better. Sharing some of my current favorites:

• Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd
• The Way - Ariana Grande, Mac Miller
• 101 - Walla
• Bo$$ - Fifth Harmony
• Cheerleader - Omi
• Lean On - Major Lazer, MO & DJ Snake
• Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake
• Lovin' So Hard - Becky G
• Talking Body - Tove Lo
• Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo


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