As mentioned in one of my posts last month, my bff Yhe and I were sent to Baguio for work. Knowing us, of course we won't let the opportunity to travel and to #BFFGoals pass, so we managed to squeeze in some hours for leisure. :p

Tourist mode at Burnham Park! It's been ages since I last went here! Boat-riding before anything else! ;)

Boat-ride for 30 minutes is only Php150. If you don't know how to steer a boat, someone can do it for you, which is already included in the price.

We also couldn't miss wearing the traditional native dresses of Baguio! We rented the costumes for only P20 per photo!

I love how they keep their rates on a reasonable (and surprisingly low) costs! Despite being one of the top vacation destinations in the Philippines, they charge fairly (cab drivers would even give the exact change to the lowest cent). Meanwhile in Manila... :(

The main reason why we're here though was for the opening of my baby, Yellow Cab Pizza Co., in SM City Baguio. Congratulations for another successful event! We won't get tired of spreading pizza and happiness!

Aside from the opening, we also held a Man vs. Pizza (Baguio edition) at the event center of SM City Baguio. Fans of Yellow Cab are surely familiar of Man vs. Pizza! ;)

Aaand your stay in Baguio won't be complete without dining at Cafe by the Ruins. Yhe and I braved the strong rains just to have dinner and coffee here! :p All worth it!

Cafe by the Ruins has, by far, the best Strawberry Shortcake I've ever tasted!!! Can't stop thinking about it... oh goodness.

Will share with you our BenCab Museum adventure in my next blog post! :)

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