20 Years of Style with Plains and Prints

Plains & Prints is one of my go-to brands if I need quick fashion fixes. Their pieces are beautiful alone so you won't need to worry about which accessories or shoes to pair. This renowned brand is celebrating their 20th anniversary, and I'm more than grateful to grace this precious moment! :)

Last Thursday, July 23, Plains & Prints unveiled their Anniversary Series in collaboration with two of the best names in Photography, Mr. Mark Nicdao and Mr. Wigs Tysmans. Apart from reminiscing the brand's 20 years of milestones, they're also sharing great times in the life of Mark and Wig, immortalized in photographs and printed in this Limited Edition Photo-Fashion Collection - A fusion of Photography and Fashion translated into a different level of elegance and style.

Fashion photographer Mark Nicdao has snapped photos of the who's-who in the dazzling sartorial world. Nicdao has worked with not only local celebrities and models, but also with international stars such as Paris Hilton and Adam Levine. He was also a nominee in the 2011 Asian Top Fashion Photographer Awards. He credits all this to his ability to tell stories with a single photograph.

"Seeing those clothes, everything came back to me, those happy moments when I was shooting those pictures. It's a proud moment. Not a lot of people go to India and I want to share it with everyone. It's gonna be immortalized in the clothes," Mark says.

We can't think of anyone else sporting the latest collection than the lovable Anne Curtis! ❤❤❤

Stunned yet? Everything's so pretty! ❤ So hard to decide which to get!

Fans of revered portrait photographer Wigs Tysmans will be pleased to know that some of the snapshots closest to his heart are now immortalized on Plains & Prints' anniversary collection.

"These are photos I took of my children when my family still lived in Baguio. I wanted to capture the blue skies and I could only do that early in the morning. So I wake them up, we drive around, and I just let them run free while I take photos of them," recalls Wig.

For Anne, having to wear beautiful pieces that are locally made and being able to share that with all her followers through her Instagram OOTDs is one of the most fulfilling experiences she has working with Plains & Prints.

"It has helped me evolve in the way I dress, from someone who just wants to have fun to being more lady-like. I'm still able to mix and match to make it my style. I also love its sophisticated designs, something I want to be identified with," Anne shares.

Cheers to Plains & Prints' 20 Years of Style! The Photo-Fashion Collection limited edition will be out in all Plains & Prints boutiques in July and August.

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