Time Lapse

Can you believe that we're already on the second half of 2015? Insane! Where did January to May go?! I'm sure those months were beyond blissful, but they were gone too soon! #timelapse But anyway, I'm really excited to make more amazing memories before the year ends. Hope you're making the most out of your 2015, too! ❤

On me: white chiffon top courtesy of SM Woman | plaid culottes courtesy of SM Woman | sling bag courtesy of SM Parisian (SM Shoes and Bags) | flats courtesy of Kara Zapatos

When my mom saw me in this ensemble, she smiled and said how it reminded her so much of her high school and college days. Sudden throwback to when she had her first crush, prom and soiree, fan girl days with Sharon Cuneta (haha mom don't kill me for spilling this). Ask your mother if she's ever worn culottes before! Heard it was a big hit back then! :)

Most of my favorite outfits lately are from SM Woman. They have really nice and chic pieces - including this top and bottom! :) Make sure to visit your nearest SM Department Store and shop! ❤

Will you wear this outfit, too? ❤
Enjoy the months ahead!

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