Little Secrets of a Young Professional

In case you didn't know, aside from blogging, I also work as a Digital Business Manager for a rockstar digital marketing agency. I'm very fortunate to be working in an industry that I'm passionate about. For about a year and a half, with baby steps of growth, mix of blood, sweat, inspiration and enjoyment, surviving tough pitch meetings, topped with God's grace, I've been promoted twice.

At 22, I still feel like I have a long way to go before I can call myself successful. But since most of my readers are students or young professionals, I thought of sharing some of the things I do on my journey to success. Baka pwedeng sabay tayo! :)

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1. Find a job that you will love. Make sure it makes you happy.

There are no easy jobs. Wherever you'll land, I'm pretty sure you will get stressed from time to time. And since stress is inevitable, make sure to find a job that you will love. If it gets tough, at the end of the day, you should still be happy.

2. Master the art of time management.

We're in a "slashie" generation. For instance, I'm a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger SLASH Digital Business Manager SLASH a Frustrated Chef and Singer SLASH Model SLASH... the list goes on! We love to multitask and get involved in so many activities like we have more than 24 hours a day. With this, we have to master the art of time management. How?

• Write down your schedule.
You can use a planner, pad, sticky notes or even your phone. Jot down all your to-do's each day. ALL OF THEM. Tick one off as soon as you finish it. You might feel loaded at a glance, but when you start highlighting every accomplished task, you will feel good and productive. Swear it helps! :)

• Make wise decisions.
Check your schedule/to-do's before saying yes or no to another commitment. You might miss one important event or meeting if you keep accepting everything handed to you. Set limits!

3. Never hesitate to ask questions.

As fresh grads, we're all afraid of the big world. It's like entering college all over again. We're newbies to an environment where everyone knows everyone. We know little compared to the number of months or years they've spent with the company. But so what? Afraid to make mistakes? Then it makes asking questions more important. Don't worry, doing so won't make you seem dumb. This really helped me in knowing the company and my brands deeper and better. Clearer details = better results!

4. Work hard and work smart.

Your bosses would really appreciate seeing all your efforts and hardwork. #OvertimePaMore But your mind and body would thank you if you work smart. Analyze your to-do's better and think of effective and efficient ways of finishing them. This can help you beat the deadline! No need for dreadful OTs! ;)

5. Keep a positive attitude!

Find at least one good thing about your day and be thankful for it. Always look for the silver lining in difficult situations. You're lucky you have a career, so take care of it and embrace it whole-heartedly.

6. Have a life outside of your day job.

Work-life integration! It won't hurt if you still answer your friends' messages on Facebook, or browse through Instagram from time to time. As long as you know you're good with all your deliverables, why stop your social life? :)

Spend weekends away or at home. Grab some quality time with your family and friends. Hit the gym, go to the beach, plot your adventures. We're young, awesome and unstoppable! ❤

Few secrets from your Ate Arnie! I've so much to share pa but this post might get super long! Hope these can help you, though! I'm praying for you and your future endeavors! :)

My blog anniversary is coming and I'd love to hold another meet and greet with you guys! Baka mas mahaba kwentuhan doon! ❤ See you soon?

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