RMC Turns 4!

Woah there. We're already on the 7th month of 2015! Crazy!!! Few more left and we're back with my birthday and Christmas. :p But before we get to those, let's not forget that July is Raid My Closet's blog anniversary! Woohoo! Cheers to 4 strong, blissful and happy years together! I love you RMC babies! Thanks for sticking around ❤❤❤

To celebrate #RMCturns4, I'm hoping to hold another party with my readers. I'll always remember the fun times we've had from 2013's celebration, and I can't wait to bond with you guys again! Still ironing out the details, but definitely this will push through! ;)

On me: top courtesy of Paradise Treats | white pants from Uniqlo | gold sandals courtesy of Kara Zapatos | sling bag courtesy of SM Parisian

In case you missed it, the first RMC party was held at Tea 101 in Tomas Morato, back in 2013. It was a sweet and intimate event, where I got to know more about my readers. Let's have a trip to memory lane by reading these blog posts: Part 1 and Part 2. ❤

How to join? Details and mechanics will be revealed very soon! But please feel free to throw in your suggestions. We held games during the first party, so we might do more this time! ;) Would appreciate your thoughts!

Let's all have a beautiful July ahead! Happy 4 years, Raid My Closet! ❤❤❤

Mark 4:35-41

Hi guys! How's your week going? Hope you're having an awesome one! :) Finally found time to blog after my recent trip to Baguio. It was a fun and jam-packed weekend, got fever and colds probably because of the weather. Nevertheless, we had so much fun and I can't wait to post about our trip soon!

Honestly, I spent half an hour just staring at my laptop since I didn't know what to blog about. Until I remembered the beautiful gospel from last Sunday's mass that I felt the need to share. Father's Day + Bishop Ongtioco + gospel reading from Mark 4:35-41 = ❤❤❤. Albeit being sick, I fought my fever and colds to hear mass and it was a beautiful decision. :)

On me: top and skirt from H&M | The Stanley sneakers courtesy of People Footwear | sling bag courtesy of SM Parisian

In case you're going through rough roads lately, allow me to remind you of last Sunday's reading: Jesus asked the fishermen to go to the other side of the lake. They took a boat, then suddenly a storm gathered and waves spilled over inside. Jesus continued sleeping while the rest were filled with fear.

They woke him up, asking "Master, don't you care if we drown?" And Jesus rose up, rebuked the wind, and ordered the sea, "Quiet now! Be still!" And there was a great calm.

Jesus said to them, "Why are you so frightened? Do you still have no faith?"

Life can get stormy. Tough times are inevitable. We might think that God is sleeping or doesn't care whenever we don't get what we want. But this gospel reminds us that we should never be afraid or doubtful because He is ALWAYS with us. Siya pa! ;)

Short but sweet memo for everyone! Have a beautiful week ahead! ❤❤❤

Vivere Salon's Keratin Complex

Remember my "never-leaving-the-house-without-curling-my-hair" phase? I think that lasted for more than a year! You can go on forever, browsing through my blog to see my curled locks. But this time in 2014, I stopped and realized that the habit only damages my hair even more and it consumes so much of my time. Apart from cutting my hair short, I tried a lot of treatments just to revive its healthy state. Thank heavens it did, but to retain its smoothness and glow, I took advantage of Vivere Salon's Keratin Complex offer!

Before going to Baguio, I headed to Vivere Salon TriNoma to experience this award-winning smoothening treatment. In a nutshell, Keratin Complex promises to remove 98% of hair frizz and curls, and delivers soft, smooth and manageable hair that lasts.

The whole process was pretty fast! First, my hair was shampoo-ed to clear it up from dirt and grease. Made from natural ingredients from Brazil, the process involves a relaxing shampoo treatment to clean your strands and open the cuticle, before the stylist gently detangles it.

Then they applied the treatment, section by section, making sure that every part of my hair was given the right amount of keratin. My skin's quite sensitive and I get subtle allergic reactions from strong products, but with Vivere Salon's keratin treatment, I didn't get any! :)

A pro smoothing formula is applied where gentle heat is present to seal it in - fusing Keratin back to my hair. For about 20 minutes, my hair was wrapped with cellophane so it can better absorb the treatment. 

Blow dry + flat iron time! :) I was instructed not to wash my hair for 2 days, and only use a sulfate-free shampoo, so the keratin would last longer.

Formulated with Green Keratin which is made from soy beans, corn and wheat, it combines nutrients such as protein, calcium, fiber, potassium and iron to hydrate and boost your hair and scalp's health and in turn.

The result?

The hair I've always wanted! ❤❤❤

Many thanks to Vivere Salon (plus my loves Joel and Glaiza) for always having me! I'm more confident with my crowning glory, thanks to your services!

Get 30% OFF on Vivere Salon's Keratin Complext from June 13, 2015 - July 31, 2015. Enjoy straight, smooth, and silky hair that lasts!

Quick Hello

Blogging from the Summer Capital of the Philippines! It's been years since my last visit to Baguio, and I can't wait to explore this city! Also spending this trip with my bae (@yhelayno), albeit work-related, we'll be having the time of our lives! :p

Will blog about this trip soon, but for the meantime, follow me on Instagram (@listentoarnie) and Snapchat (arnievillanueva) for regular updates!

On me: Forever 21 cropped top | shorts courtesy of USOplus | The Stanley sneakers courtesy of People Footwear

Since it was a weekend and I just planned to chill in a nearby coffee shop, I opted for this fuss-free ensemble.

Been wearing this pair non-stop since I got them from People Footwear! Can you blame me? I feel unbelievably comfortable on them all day (super lightweight!) and it suits almost all my outfits. You can never go wrong with whites! ❤

Sorry I've to cut this short! Excited to explore the City of Pines! Tweet me (@listentoarnie) if you have any good suggestions on where to go or eat in Baguio! :)

Have a beautiful week ahead everyone! ❤

Ambassador of Positive Vibes

Life isn't always perfect. Each of us experience different challenges everyday. Yung iba di lang nagpapahalata, pero may pinagdadaanan pala talaga. And I don't think these people are being pretentious. They just choose to have a positive outlook in their lives.

Ambassador of Positive Vibes shirt courtesy of Team Manila

I go through a LOT of things, too, kung alam niyo lang. But as much as possible, I don't allow negativity be part of my system. Ayaw natin ma-haggard diba!! :) Not that I'm trying to escape from my problems, I think of them most of the time, especially when I'm alone actually. I'm only human, I get hurt and feel tired. And that's exactly the point why you need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Kasi nga masakit and nakakapagod. Fight fight fight tayo ha!! :)

This shirt's very suitable for people embracing positivity in their lives. Bongga diba! That's the reason why blog big sis Ana and I grabbed this (plus more more pampa-good vibes items) agad when we shopped at Team Manila! Sometimes, we tend to forget how beautiful our lives are so we need to be reminded from time to time. Malaking reminder na 'to ha!! Ewan ko na lang kung malimutan niyo pa! Hehe :p

Anymoo, I wore this (very!!!) casual ensemble for Independence Day. Bilang hashtag indie tayo nyan. Charlottt!! That day, I had a shoot with Bestie and Charls in the morning, went on a lunch date, then watched the screening of Man of Steel at TriNoma. Felt super lazy to think of anything fancy to wear and I realized that I haven't worn t-shirt and sneakers to the mall for the longest time ever!! You can't go wrong with a Team Manila shirt and a pair of Bennies! ;)

Sneakers courtesy of Bensimon Philippines

I've always wanted to have levitating shots for my shoes but it's hard (and buwis buhay) to do that if you're wearing heels. So yay for sneakers!!

Super duper love my new kicks from Bensimon! They're ultimately comfy and stylish! ♥ In case you missed my post about the launch of this French footwear brand, you can read it here.

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

That's it for today's post! Remember, you have the power to control your decisions and how you feel about the challenges that come your way. Positive vibes lang dapat tayo! *wink wink*

7 Trip Tips to Hamilo Coast, Pico de Loro

I honestly don't even know how to start this blog post. Just found myself browsing through all these photos from Pico de Loro and I'm left with nothing. I totally love this place and hoping to go back soon! ❤

On me: bikini courtesy of Cesa

Summer highlights: Palawan, The Suites, Camaya Coast and Pico de Loro (Hamilo Coast)! Really happy that I got to visit these pristine and beautiful places despite my busy work schedule. As we wrap up summer, I'm holding on to so many fun adventures and memories (plus nice photos!) with my family and closest friends. I love you, 2015! Keep rocking!

If you want a quick escape from the city, Pico de Loro is the perfect spot for you! Only 90 minutes away from Manila and you'll reach this breathtaking, uncrowded place. :)

Planning to go on a trip to Pico de Loro (Hamilo Coast)? Here are some tips for you!

1. Bring your camera! Take endless beach photos because Hamilo Coast is so damn gorgeous. 

2. No cash transactions allowed in Pico de Loro! If you don't have a credit card, you can purchase a cash card/Hamilo Coast guest card for Php1,000.00. All their stores (including Sunnies by Charlie where I bought the sunnies I'm wearing!) and restaurants honor guest cards. In case you run out of credit, your card's reloadable with a minimum of Php100.00! :)

3. Bring your swimwear because:
a. The beach is calling you.
b. Infinity pool is life.
c. They have strict swimming attire rules.
d. Don't you wanna have a nice tan?! :p

4. Protect your skin against the scorching heat and harmful sun rays by wearing sunscreen!

5. Walk with your trusty flipflops! I got to take my customized Havaianas to the beach! :)

6. Since Pico de Loro is an exclusive resort, in order to have access to their Beach Club and all other facilities, a member should accompany you on your stay. Upon checking in, you will be given waterproof wristbands. These tags vary depending on the access levels, so their security staff can easily check. Otherwise, you can only swim at their Country Club.

7. ENJOY!!! ❤❤❤ Had such an amazing time and we're definitely going back!

Keep those 7 tips in mind! We can't wait to know about your own Pico de Loro getaways! :)