Summer Blues

Oh man... I can stare at this view forever! My entire being's longing for a good getaway and I need it as soon as possible. Instead of swimming at the beach, I'm drowning with work. Not complaining though! I love my job! :) There might be times when I feel exhausted (in all levels!!!), but nothing beats self-assurance and satisfaction when you see the bosses and clients happy with your work. Our company also allows me to fly and fulfill my passion, that's why I'm still here - blogging plus chasing my dreams. :)

It's just midweek but things have been tough. So I'm blogging about our recent Camaya Coast trip instead to calm my senses. I love summer! ❤

Mona fringe maillot courtesy of Cesa

The scorching heat and insane work days would make you want to run to the beach the soonest you can. If you're not a fan of long drives, Camaya Coast offers cruises from Manila to their resort. Hassle-free! :)

Boarded the cruise ship docked at the PICC Port near Sofitel around 10:00AM. Ride was around 1.5 hours - big difference from the usual drive of 4-5 hours. :)

Similar with flights, there are safety measures that you have to follow (with attendants to demonstrate how to wear your life jackets, etc.) and they offer meals on-board.

If you're the type who enjoys swimming, water sports activities and the pristine view of the beach - then you can try it out at Camaya Coast! We went there on a Saturday but it wasn't crowded. The resort's well-maintained, super clean, peaceful and very beautiful! ❤

Will I go back to Camaya Coast? Yes! And I'll make sure to extend our stay! ❤ How about you? Where's your favorite beach resort located? I'd love to check that out!

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