The Suites at Mt. Malarayat

I'd give anything just to be away from this city again! My whole being's craving for a long, fulfilling getaway! It's also not helping that I'm blogging about our previous trip at The Suites because I'm missing it even more! :( Can we have unlimited cash and vacation leaves forever?

Anyway, if you want to go on a quick getaway this weekend, check out The Suites at Mt. Malarayat! My parents and I stayed here last Holy Week and we had an amazing time! ❤ Some snaps and what I wore below!

On me: top courtesy of Perfect Fit Shop | joggers courtesy of Perfect Fit Shop | sandals courtesy of Kara Zapatos

When we got off the car, I swear I thought I was in paradise! The Suites was so beautiful, and our room had a majestic view of Mt. Malarayat. Perfect place to ponder on things - life in general - and embrace the calmness and serenity of holy week. :)

Hours after checking in, my parents and I went fishing. If you haven't tried fishing yet and you think it's easy, think again! Hahahaha! I had a hard time getting fishes! In an hour, I only got a total of 4. :( Lol!

Daddy who's an expert, though, caught more and filled the pail we had with poor fishes. :P

Meanwhile, Arnie kept whining about how unfair life is. #HUGOT hahahaha!

Of course, Arnie being Arnie, returned the fishes to the lake because I can't handle seeing them die. True story!

Photos by Mom

Posting about our Day 2 in The Suites soon! ❤

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