Take Me Back

MAJOR. PALAWAN. HANGOVER. I CANNOT!!! Someone take me back to that paradise!!!

This time last week, I was probably snorkelling my heart out at Honda Bay. I totally forgot about work and stress during my entire stay at the island. Every stop we had at Palawan brought me beautiful feels! I can live there forever...

Anyway, I'll be posting more about that trip soon! For now, here's my first day OOTD in Palawan. Summer colors, light fabrics and fuss-free! Photos taken at Hotel Centro (our main house for the getaway).

On me: mint green kimono courtesy of Perfect Fit Shop | pearl white Sabrina top courtesy of Perfect Fit Shop | high-waist shorts from Forever 21 | sandals courtesy of Kara Zapatos | paper plane necklace courtesy of Pretty Little Blings | Aldo watch | polarized sunnies from Bazaar For All Season

All things bright and lovely when you're in paradise! If you haven't been to Palawan, I swear you gotta visit it soon! Your mermaid life will rejoice ❤❤❤

This necklace courtesy of Pretty Little Blings pretty much sums up my current life situation. At 22, I'm flying freely. From a blank sheet of paper, I got folded (with tests and trials), but my wings are made of those and I'm going somewhere.

Traveling. Not knowing where to land. Small but ready to conquer the world.  

Life is beautiful! ❤

Can't wait to share my Palawan snaps! Stay tuned! xx

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