Brazilian Waxing at Pink Parlour

Finally back in the daily grind! Palawan was beautiful beyond words! Sharing with you some photos and OOTDs soon. But before we get to that, allow me to thank Pink Parlour Philippines for giving me a majestic treatment days prior to my trip. I was 100% confident to wear a bikini after getting my very first brazilian wax! :p

Admittedly, I was scared to try out brazilian waxing because of horror stories coming out from clients of other salons. I was only able to experience bikini waxing before which was way different from brazilian. But Pink Parlour is known for giving the BEST and world-class services, and my friends became hair-free and still alive (hahaha), so I got convinced and FINALLY gave it a try!

Dropped by Pink Parlour The Block, SM North EDSA with my love Kelly and we were welcomed by their courteous staff and pretty interiors.

Cutesy kitties are everywhere, ready to cuddle, to make you feel at ease during the entire procedure. :)

Kelly and I parted ways and I was led to the waxing room. There's also a room for washing your bikini area before getting your brazilian.

I believe it's also worth-noting that each room is sanitized to the highest standards like hospitals. From UV & sterilization (that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses), sanitation bags for all tools, regular anti-bacterial store fogging, to disposable masks and gloves, you're guaranteed superior sanitation. Pink Parlour is the safest place for your waxing treatment!

Pink Parlour uses hot hard wax and different spatula per application, throwing on the bin every after use. No double dipping. Most hygienic practice ever! Claps to them for exercising this!

And by the way, feel free to have the temperature adjusted by the therapist. Let her know your heat tolerance especially if you have sensitive skin. Pink Parlour indeed cares for you! ❤

I really thought I'd die given that I've low pain tolerance. But lo and behold, the 30-minute procedure was "peaceful" than expected. I survived my very first brazilian and I'm definitely going back soon! :)

Thank you so much Pink Parlour Philippines for taking good care of me! I highly recommend Brazilian V's (virgins) to have your first here! Again, they give you only world-class services and utmost care!

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The Block, SM North EDSA | A. Venue Mall, Makati | SM Center, Pasig

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