Happy List: January 2015

Most of us experience highs and lows in life, and we get overwhelmed and tend to dwell on the negative side. We get blinded by the troubles and forget the blessings that come our way. So on our journey to positivity this 2015, join me in listing down the things that make you happy each month - look back, exercise gratefulness and focus on these whenever you feel sad. :) I'm sure some of my readers have blogs, too, so you might want to put up a Happy List section there! Start na now, and make sure to tag me on Twitter or Instagram with your published post so I can read! ❤

On me: drawstring top courtesy of Judy Ann Teo Collection | necklace courtesy of The Accessorist

Happy List for January 2015
Things that I'm thankful for the past month!

2. Birthday of the most beautiful woman in the world aka my Mom ❤
3. Successful pitch presentations and client meetings
Ibang klase the feeling when you see them nod and smile on your proposed marketing plans! Gives me harder and better drive!
4. My 1st work birthday!
5. Second promotion in a year of working... Priceless! ❤

Saw him up close for his Meeting with the Families, experienced overflowing spiritual tears :)
7. My fireberry Nike Roshe Run
9. Continuous blog-related projects (Heartfelt thanks to the all the brands for trusting me!)

11. Tagaytay weekend with the family
12. My favorite Nerds in pink and purple
13. My all-time favorite original Lays
14. Random dinner dates with my friends
15. New blog logo and layout!!! ❤❤❤ 
What can you say about it? :) :) :)

In other news... don't you just love this pretty necklace courtesy of The Accessorist? I've been wearing it daily since I received it! I love this classic piece - you can pair it with any outfit!

Now if I can't go on a day without this necklace, most of my guy friends mentioned that they feel naked without their watches! ZALORA Philippines carries an array of stylish watches so be sure to check it out! 

Really had fun tracing down these things! Made me realize how beautiful January was. Definitely looking forward to write down my next one and to see yours as well! :)

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