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In a few days, I'm turning 1 as a full-time social media babe! Yahoooo!!! I can't believe it's been a year since I started working with Get Hooked 360. It's been a happy, busy and truly awesome ride, I never got to notice the time! :) I'm thankful that my job allows me to explore big things work-wise, and continue to live my passion (blogging) on the side. That's why Raid My Closet is still alive, plus more exciting things will come your way! :)

Big things entail client-facing slash endless meetings and seeing new people (both in the corporate world and not), so that means I've to appear more prim and presentable everyday. Because of my crazy schedule and lack of makeup skills, I'd sometimes skip getting all dolled up and leave the house wearing barely my moisturizer and compact powder. While it's okay to strut with off-duty and low key look, given the kind of lifestyle that I have, I need to learn proper application. Renowned and leading personality development provider John Robert Powers can certainly help you improve not only your image, but a whole lot more with the courses they offer! I'm officially back to school! :)

In a nutshell, John Robert Powers has been in the industry for long (marking its 92nd year), with curricula on executive skills, modeling, acting and social skills. These courses are offered worldwide to empower people and help unleash their full potential.

First subject: Image Makeover

Even way back, I've always loved Science classes. I enjoyed the first couple of minutes because we had to subtly discuss about the different layers and parts of the body! Very TBT! :) Of course, we had to dig deeper about the BEST makeup base aka clear skin. We're 8 in a class, by the way, and each of us were assessed and the mentors provided us tips and the right practices to achieve our best skin possible.

Shortly after, we were instructed to bring out our vanity kits. Sir Geno explained to us the right shades, "hacks" and applications for whichever occasion. I badly needed this because I only rely on my powder and lipstick power! The boys, on the other hand, were taught about grooming and other important details about their image.

My everyday superpowers: lipstick! Not even half of my collection! Lol

The 2-hr Image Makeover session was packed with so much useful information. I appreciate how they corrected our current habits without changing or dictating how our identity should be. I immediately followed the things I've learned (it's been 5 days from now since the class) and confidence is tailed with it. I'm EXCITED for the next one! :)

Be it! Live it! 
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