Reason for the Season

Counting days 'til the most wonderful time of the year!!! My heart's always filled with joy and excitement every Christmas season. Carols, decors, smiles, gifts and (weird, but) even the busy streets would remind me that our favorite day is nearing. ❤ Like most Filipino families, it's been our yearly tradition to attend the Simbang Gabi. Back then, I was only looking forward to the 9 novena masses because of my wishes, bibingka and puto bumbong. How mature! Hahahaha! But as I grew older and my relationship with God got stronger, I understood why we're having Simbang Gabi on a deeper level. 

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You might want to ponder on to these learnings:

1. Attending Simbang Gabi because of your wishes? Think again.

"I want this, I want that. Give me this, give me that." - That is not praying. 

We're right that the Lord is the most loving and generous Father. As long as it's the best for us, He will definitely provide what we ask for. Whether you wake up extremely early than usual to complete the 9 novena masses or not, He will still be there to listen to all our prayers. He will give beyond what we deserve. It's not bad to lift all our hopes, worries and aspirations to Him! But remember that God is not a genie to say yes to all what we say. And Simbang Gabi is not a wishing well! :)

2. Listen to what God wants YOU to do.

After all the me me me me in prayers, maybe it's about time that you listen to what God wants you to do. Absorb the gospels and homilies. They exist on purpose. :) Even if it's the birthday of our Savior, because He is (again) the most loving and generous of all, He will grant the desires of our hearts. But have we granted His hopes for us?

Done relaying your wishes unto Him? Perhaps you can end your chitchats with God by asking Him, "How about You, dear Lord, what can I do to make Your kind heart happy?"

3. Simbang Gabi is a preparation for Christ's BIG DAY! 

Like all other birthdays, we usually prepare BIG to make ourselves or our loved ones happy. Unless your birthday falls on the 25th, focus should be on Christ. The bonggang handa you have during Noche Buena is for Him. As for Misa de Gallo, we shouldn't attend just because. We patiently go through those 9 nights to prepare our hearts for the Lord. That when His big day comes, we're more than ready to embrace His presence. Let's not forget that He is the reason why we have this season. :)

Do you enjoy Christmas because of the gifts you receive, shopping galore, the bountiful meals prepared in your table, the daily parties and extravagant decorations? It's normal to be delighted by these! But if your Christmas merely revolves there, then you haven't found the real meaning of happiness yet. :) 

Reunite with your long lost friends, love your family, forgive no matter how it hurts, invite Jesus in your lives and do good deeds sans the publicity. :)

Photos by Celyn Jaravata

Merry Christmas everyone! ❤❤❤

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