21 Things I've Learned at 21

On December 7 (that's tomorrow aaand Bloggers United 8), I'm turning another year older, and hopefully a bit wiser! :) Realized I've so much learnings in my 21st year - acquired either through the good or the hard way - but I'm surely carrying them in the years to come. These 21 things might be helpful for you, too!

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1. Challenge yourself.
Don't keep yourself inside a shell. Speak your mind, do extraordinary things. Panic if you're becoming too boring, because you'll learn more things if you challenge yourself. 

2. Set your priorities.
It's hard to figure out your priorities after college! Holla if you've ever felt this! :p Do I want to put up my own business, push through with full-time blogging, get a legit day job, or study again? I knew stability (in all aspects) was my priority. Something that my future self will thank me for! I'm glad I'm in a field where I can juggle blogging and working. Not everyone gets to work and play while striving for "priorities". :)

3. Appreciate.
Appreciate everything. Be grateful for everything. You've no idea how much a simple "thank you" means to people.

4. Save up!

5. Forgive easily.
I'm never the type who holds grudges against people no matter how hurt or disappointed I am. How? Sure, it's normal to get pissed off. But my mature self would wait for 24 hours before confronting. If it doesn't bother me the entire day, it means it's just little or nothing. :) Not sure where I got this attitude, but it helps a lot! You might want to try it, too!

6. Invest on classic staples.

7. Keep in touch with your friends.
It's fun to be reunited with friends from high school and college! I seldomly see them, maybe only when there's something special to celebrate, but reunions are super refreshing! :)

8. I'm turning 22 and I still have the chance to become a Victoria's Secret Angel. #PAANO

9. I'm turning 22 and I still have the chance to have my own concert. Soon. #PAANO

10. God will provide you what you deserve.
And you shouldn't question Him for His plans for you.

11. Find time for your loved ones.

12. Do a digital detox.
Can you last a day without checking your phone for new Instagram posts, tweets or Facebook updates? Do you think your Clash of Clan team will get mad at you for not attacking during the war? :p Leave your gadgets and detoxify yourself from the online world even just for one weekend. Spend time with your family or friends, read a book, watch a movie or indulge on good food!

13. Take chances.

14. Don't fear change.

15. Distance yourself from people who makes your day (or life) toxic. 
They will only cause your stress. Stress = wrinkles! :p

16. Take care of your skin! 
Make it a habit to cleanse, tone and moisturize no matter how tired you are after a long day. Your skin will thank you for it!

17. Amaretto Sour and beers are (sometimes) great BFFs.

18. Take as many photos as you can! :)

19. Talk to God more often.
You will always be busy, but this is something you should always practice :) Make it a habit to lift whatever you're feeling to the Lord, and He will guide you all the way.

20. Guard your heart.

21. Continue enjoying life! :)

Photos by Aidx Paredes 

Praying for a sunny sunny weather tomorrow!!! See you at Bloggers United 8! 

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