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Collated all the fashion-related and personal questions I recently received via email and Twitter to answer in this post! :) I swear I've the best and most random readers on earth! Hahahaha! I always feel excited to open my email every day because of your sweet messages and crazy questions. Thanks for sticking around, guys! ❤

On me: top and skirt courtesy of Chase Fashion Inc. | Perfect Fit Shop plaid kimono | sandals courtesy of Call It Spring | hair makeover courtesy of Blo Blow Dry Bar

Xyra2001: what do u use for instagram-ing?
- Hi Xyra! Most of my Instagram photos are taken using my iPhone 5C. :)

CintaVintage: you're sponsored by romwe? wowww, how?
- Hi! Yes, you can check out Romwe's Fashion Blogger Policies at :) They've nice clothes, no?

mika: if you don't mind, how much did it cost you at PINO? :) planning for a friend's 23rd eh hehe
- Hi Mika! Good choice! I actually spent my 20th birthday at Pino, too! :) My family's super busog na with around Php2,000+. Love everything at Pino especially their Kare-Kareng Bagnet! SOLID!

Trina B.: I miss your daily outfit posts :'(
- HUHU SAME :( I badly miss updating my blog and doing OOTDs daily, too. Thanks, Trina!

Angegege: do you love mcdonalds fries too, ate arnie? *_*
- YES! I can finish 2 BFF fries in one sitting. Uh-oh...

Deng: What's a good foundation and hm is it? Also, what's a good lip tint and hm too?
- Hi Deng! I'm using Revlon Photo Ready Foundation which I got for about Php900+. I love NYX and Laura Mercier lippies! ❤

krishia p: Hi ate arnie! I'm an aspiring fashion blogger and I want to attend events also. How do I get passes?
- Hi Krishia! Glad you opened your doors for blogging! Good luck and have fun! :) The marketing officers of brands usually send me their event invitations. :)

Verna Joyce: Hello po mama Arnie! I just want to ask kung pwede po ba na i-critique niyo ang blog ko? thank you!
- Hello Verna! Thanks for sharing with me your blog! I'm super happy you opened your doors for this fun activity. Love your OOTDs and how you can perfectly pull off jeans! I pray that you'll continue doing this, masarap mag-blog (very therapeutic, nakakawala ng stress) and you'll get to meet new friends! :) Congratulations!

Jay: you're my thinspiration ate arnie!! how to get thin like you!!
- WOW! Hahahaha I'm not really sure if you picked the right thinspiration. I swear I eat a lot :(

vina92: how to handle a controlling bf?
- Hi Vina! Tough question! Hahahaha! I think it'll be best to tell your boyfriend that you're uncomfortable with him manipulating/controlling you or your actions. Baka sakali! Hahaha! And of course, assure him that you can be trusted and you're responsible even when he's not around. :)

Lyn Garcia: totoo po ba ang mga soulmates ate?
- Hahahahaha cutie pie!!! Maybe :) Malay natin!

Loki: Hi Arnie. ambait mo sa mga followers mo :)
- Hi Loki, maraming salamat!!! :)

Photos by Ana Gonzales

I had so much fun answering these!!! Kagulo lang! Til the next one! :)

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