Smooth Sailin'

Lately, my ship's sailing smoothly and I know it's heading to the right direction. My life's now calm and very happy after months of going through the storm and big scary waves. As long as you have a strong faith and relationship with God, you'll get over all the hardships, even when you feel like they're never gonna end. :)

On me: cropped top courtesy of The Sweet Cloth | necklace courtesy of CNA | distressed boyfriend jeans courtesy of Hershoppe | sandals courtesy of Call It Spring 

Never noticed how "on-the-rocks" my life was? That's because I never showed it. Not that I'm hiding under a mask; I just tried my best to be happy and changed the way I see things everyday. It helps when you control your perception and appreciate even the tiniest glow you see. Keep your face always toward the sunshine. :)

It's inevitable, we'll encounter tough moments again soon. But at least now you know how to deal with them - positivity plus strong faith, prayers and relationship with God. Kakayanin mo yan! :)

Side note: These Hershoppe distressed jeans and Call It Spring sandals are my new favorites!!! I can't stop using them!!! ❤❤❤

How do you deal with tough times? Share them in the comments section below! :)

Hope your ships are sailing smoothly, loveys! xx

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