Nice Day Coffee x Ellen Adarna's Banned Commercial

Coffee's like my fuel of life. It's been my best bud since college (for all those early starts and sleepless nights) 'til now that I'm working. Aside from the benefits we can get from drinking coffee, if we'll be as sexy as Ellen Adarna after a couple of cups, perhaps we'd intake gallons! :p Get knocked out with this super hot and controversial TV commercial of Ellen featuring Nice Day Coffee!

Dude, solid!!! Smokin' hot!

Because Nice Day Coffee believes that "Healthy is Hot", I think Ellen, who's a huge fitness junkie and has flawless skin, is a good match for the brand. Nice Day Coffee offers so much more than your ordinary joe. With its premium blend of ingredients, Nice Day Coffee came up with 3 exceptional variants - Slim, Cleanse and White (all embodied by Ellen, obviously). :)

Nice Day Coffee SLIM 6-in-1 Mix is a safe and effective dietary coffee mixture that contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Fat Burner, L-Carnitine and Fiber that aids in weight management.

Nice Day Coffee CLEANSE 10-in-1 Mix is a master composition of all the health beneficial sources from Ganoderma, the most nutritious medicinal mushroom, that actively combats cancer cell growth and proliferation, Grape Seed, Goji Berry "Superfruit", Cranberry, Sylimarin and Coconut Sugar.

If Ellen Adarna drinks Nice Day Coffee, it won't hurt if you'll also try it! ;)

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