Halloween Costumes for the Couch Potato

Movies and TV shows can offer you a load of ideas for your themed events this year. With Halloween coming up in the next few months you can start making your TV time more productive by getting inspiration from your favorite series. There are endearing TV characters that you can mimic for your Halloween costume without necessarily wearing masks or scary make-up. But you may need a trip to the mall or visit Mr.Costumes to come up with the perfect look. Here are a few costume ideas that can be perfect for the couch potato.

Game of Thrones is one of the most successful series on HBO. This Halloween you can put the alluring power of the thrones in your costumes by dressing up one of the three most enchanting ladies in the show. Characterized by her long golden locks Daenerys Targaryen offers some of the most interesting costume ideas on the show. She has worn dainty and flowing outfits to leather ensembles that transformed her look from a sweet and innocent girl to a fierce warrior princess.

If medieval is not your game then a sci-fi look might be more suited for you. The body hugging suit with matching black eye mask of the Canary from Arrow Season 2 and the all leather look of Agent Melinda May form Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD series is sure to make you look hot. If it is classic sci-fi you want then a Starship Enterprise Uniform from Star Trek Series might just do the trick.

Those who do not want to make too much fuss about their costumes can look into some popular characters from crime solving series like Criminal Minds and NCIS. Gutsy computer geek Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds has her signature look of quirky accessories, feathered pens, geeky glasses, bangs, and pigtails while Happy Goth Abby Sciuto of NCIS is known for her dog collar necklace, high pig tails, thick straight bangs, spider web tattoo on the neck and platform boots.

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