Brighter Days

Can't believe I almost forgot to blog about this look! I was actually looking for a file in my laptop's folders and suddenly I stumbled upon these photos. This is actually one of my favorite ensembles so it's really insane that I failed to post this OOTD right away. Phew! #LolaArnie

Anymoo, after my Smooth Sailin' post, I received questions (via Twitter and email) on how I managed to remain positive and achieved the state of "contentment". Honestly, I'm not sure if I can call myself contented with everything that I have right now because I still have a lot of dreams to chase and fulfill. Everyone's searching for ways to find happiness and that's downright normal. :) As long as you don't forget to thank God even for the tiniest accomplishment, you're on the right path.

On me: top and shorts courtesy of Plains & Prints | Manuella heels courtesy of Memorata by CLN

Just to share with you, each day I try to do little good deeds like the following:

1. Call a friend out of the blue, just to say hi and ask about his/her day.

2. Smile at people.

3. Give good hugs.

4. Sing in the shower. Or sing everywhere. :p

5. Genuinely say encouraging things to your colleagues.

6. Pray and thank God - for that safe cab ride, the beautiful sunshine, the rain, the delicious meals you had, your friends, your family, the good coffee you drank, your 10-minute nap, etc. There are million things to be grateful for, so there's no reason for you not to talk to God.

Exert conscious effort to apply these easy tips, and your days will be brighter! ❤

Notes about the outfit: Maybe now you know why this is one of my favorite ensembles! It's wise to pick matchy clothes 'cos you can wear them at the same time, or pair them with different tops and bottoms. Best of both worlds! ;) I'm so glad Plains & Prints came up with this design! ❤

It's also wise to pick shoes that you feel comfortable in. This pair of minimalist heels from Memorata by CLN are undoubtedly fashionable and you can wear them for hours without hurting your feet! ;)

Photos by Ana Gonzales

How do you make your days brighter? :) Share them with me in the comments section below! I'd love to know!

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