Feast at Luxent Hotel

Finally on the last leg of my Luxent Hotel staycation series! :p We're focusing on their amazing Food & Beverage services now. I've mentioned on my previous Luxent blog post that Ana and I were treated by the hotel's very nice marketing team to the Lush Bar & Lounge for lunch and briefing. :)

Left our cameras in our luggage upon check-in hence the iPhone pics! Hope these will do justice to how great-tasting their entrees are!

I'm very impressed with their meals! They tasted really really good and they've generous servings! I can't remember feeling super heavy on any pasta dishes 'til I tasted the one at Lush! These are also fairly-priced, only around Php200.00 up. :)

Death by sweet treats! My tooth fairy's not happy, but my tummy is! :p Nom nom nom! But seriously, you guys MUST try all these desserts! ❤

The super posh Lush Bar & Lounge is open daily from 9AM to 1AM. :)

We're also very fortunate to have an exclusive access to Luxent's huge kitchen! It was actually my first time to see chefs doing their live magic! Amazinggg!!! ❤

If you're a fan of buffets, you'll love what we had for dinner and next-day breakfast at Luxent Hotel's Garden Cafe! ;)

The Garden Cafe's filled with sumptuous dishes, all prepared by their talented Filipino chefs. Here are some snapshots inside the dining room! :)

You'll get overwhelmed with the vast options! I had a hard time deciding which to pick first. Good thing there are spaces in my tummy for Japanese, Filipino, Chinese and Indian food! :p

Random rant: I shouldn't be drafting this at 12midnight. Cringe. I can hear my insides go wild. Bring me lechon now and I'll love you forever.

Random rant 2: I hope someone puts up a midnight buffet soon. Or should I be the one to start this business? #12MNthoughts

You also have to try having a wine and cheese night here! ;)

Felt like I gained so much weight during our dinner! But that didn't stop us from trying out their breakfast buffet! #pushmoyan #paano

I don't get to eat breakfast everyday 'cos I'm always rushing to work, so I totally appreciate everything I had that morning! ❤❤❤

Anyway, you might want to celebrate your family's events at Luxent's Garden Cafe! Visit their website for inquiries, availability and rates. :)

You should visit Luxent Hotel soon guys! ❤

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