From Within

On me: black racer cut dress courtesy of CLOTLE | gold glittered foldable flats courtesy of Bebot Shoes | iPhone case courtesy of EDGE Cases

I'm glad I veer more in minimalism now. Years back when I religiously followed fashion trends, I was in chunky necklaces, unlimited bangles and heavy earrings everyday. :p 

Sorry for the sudden background change! It drizzled in the middle of our shoot. :(

Anymoo, can't resist the stunning cut of this dress from CLOTLE! :) You can get this in other colors, too! Make sure to visit their Facebook page and Instagram account now!
*** Congratulations to one of my blog sisters, Keigh Jalbuena, for the successful launch of CLOTLE! ❤❤❤

Gold glittered foldable flats courtesy of Bebot Shoes

These stunning and comfy babies are starting to become my favorites! I've been wearing them almost everyday ever since I got 'em! Thank you Krishia of Bebot Shoes for these! ❤

Hurry and get your own pair of Bebot Shoes now! All designs are so pretty and fairly-priced! Visit their Facebook page and Instagram account for orders. :)

Going back to getting all dolled up, you're blessed if you're gifted with makeup skills. Unfortunately I only know the basics - no brainer powder + brows + lipstick + mascara + blush on. Wish I knew more tricks to complete my entire look!

But aside from topical products, you can still get that effortless, "lit from within" glow with a healthy lifestyle. #TuloyAngGanda with this checklist courtesy of MYRA.

Sleep. Your entire body, including your skin, goes into repair mode while you snooze. Your skin cells will regenerate and your facial muscles will relax when you catch quality sleep.

Exercise. Regular exercise is also one of the keys to scoring healthy skin. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keeps them vital.

Hydrate. If you want your complexion to glow, you need to make sure that you're drinking enough H2O on a daily basis. 

Eat Well. Make time to plan your meals daily and avoid going for unhealthy options.

Take Vitamin E. Help your skin bounce back and recoup easily by adding a daily dose of Vitamin E to your diet. Take a powerful supplement like Myra! It's rich in anti-oxidants to help boost your skin from within, and also stops skin-damaging, free radicals from stealing life from your cells.

Alsooo, if I were to add something to the checklist, I'd definitely include having a kind and sincere heart. Nothing can beat this beauty tip! :)

Have a sweet week ahead, everyone!

Princess Hazel Salon and Spa

Best in back log award goes to... me! Can't believe I'm only blogging about my hair makeover experience with Princess Hazel Salon & Spa just now. Ugh crazy schedule!

Anymoo, weeks ago, I was invited to try out the services of a newly-opened salon in Quezon City. Perfect timing 'cos my crowing glory badly needed a pamper session! The Princess Hazel Salon & Spa team were too nice to offer me their royal Brazilian Blowout treatment! I've been wanting to try it out since I heard about it last year but I never had the chance. So yayyy!!! ❤

I was welcomed by their warm staff and their posh interiors! Felt like a queen during my entire stay! ❤

In a nutshell, Brazillian Blowout is a treatment to improve the health and condition of the hair. You'll embrace a smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair with this!

The process only lasted for 90 minutes, suitable for girls on the go! I only had limited time at the salon that day 'cos I've an event right after. Made it on time to my next hurrah! ;)

My hair's rejoicing!!! Ahhh I super love it!

I also had the chance to take a quick tour around the salon. Aside from their hair and spa services, they also do facial, paraffin, threading and even RF! :)

They also sell pretty accessories that can match your majestic feel at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa!

Definitely bringing my girl friends here! Glad my house is just a few minutes away from their building! ;)

Visit Princess Hazel Salon & Spa at Unit 203 Pacific Century Tower, 1472-1476 Quezon Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City. :)

Feast at Luxent Hotel

Finally on the last leg of my Luxent Hotel staycation series! :p We're focusing on their amazing Food & Beverage services now. I've mentioned on my previous Luxent blog post that Ana and I were treated by the hotel's very nice marketing team to the Lush Bar & Lounge for lunch and briefing. :)

Left our cameras in our luggage upon check-in hence the iPhone pics! Hope these will do justice to how great-tasting their entrees are!

I'm very impressed with their meals! They tasted really really good and they've generous servings! I can't remember feeling super heavy on any pasta dishes 'til I tasted the one at Lush! These are also fairly-priced, only around Php200.00 up. :)

Death by sweet treats! My tooth fairy's not happy, but my tummy is! :p Nom nom nom! But seriously, you guys MUST try all these desserts! ❤

The super posh Lush Bar & Lounge is open daily from 9AM to 1AM. :)

We're also very fortunate to have an exclusive access to Luxent's huge kitchen! It was actually my first time to see chefs doing their live magic! Amazinggg!!! ❤

If you're a fan of buffets, you'll love what we had for dinner and next-day breakfast at Luxent Hotel's Garden Cafe! ;)

The Garden Cafe's filled with sumptuous dishes, all prepared by their talented Filipino chefs. Here are some snapshots inside the dining room! :)

You'll get overwhelmed with the vast options! I had a hard time deciding which to pick first. Good thing there are spaces in my tummy for Japanese, Filipino, Chinese and Indian food! :p

Random rant: I shouldn't be drafting this at 12midnight. Cringe. I can hear my insides go wild. Bring me lechon now and I'll love you forever.

Random rant 2: I hope someone puts up a midnight buffet soon. Or should I be the one to start this business? #12MNthoughts

You also have to try having a wine and cheese night here! ;)

Felt like I gained so much weight during our dinner! But that didn't stop us from trying out their breakfast buffet! #pushmoyan #paano

I don't get to eat breakfast everyday 'cos I'm always rushing to work, so I totally appreciate everything I had that morning! ❤❤❤

Anyway, you might want to celebrate your family's events at Luxent's Garden Cafe! Visit their website for inquiries, availability and rates. :)

You should visit Luxent Hotel soon guys! ❤

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Great Northern Sale Experience

Satisfied my retail cravings last weekend at SM City North EDSA's Great Northern Sale! Can't describe how happy my closet is with its new "sisters"! ;) Here's a photo diary from my shopping experience with the Great Northern Sale!

First stop: Uniqlo

Uniqlo's one of our family's go-to brands for jeans and basic tees. I was able to score something for my parents when I went back last Sunday! :)

Second stop: Forever 21


The pieces at Forever 21 were at CRAZY LOW prices - some were at 30% off, 50% off, or double markdown!!! :) I reached over Php2,500 in my receipt, and I got surprised when they ticked off Php500 because of another on-going promo. Cool beans!

Third stop: Levi's

We were also lead to Levi's and almost all of their classic jeans were on sale!

Fourth stop: Watsons

My second favorite store from our tour!! Amazing how they have everything I need - from key necessities to makeup stuff. I'll always love Watsons! :)

Perfect time to stock up on my favorite Revlon products! Got to purchase my Photo Ready foundation and Color Stay powder at discounted prices! :)

The SM City North EDSA team treated us with a sumptuous White Cheese pizza at Brooklyn's! Perfect place to dine after shopping!

Another round of Great Northern Sale, pretty please?! Glad I just reside near the mall. Certainly not missing the next one! :)

Many thanks to SM City North EDSA for having me! Can't wait to wear all my purchases! 

For more information, visit them at the following online channels: