FILED's TopNotch: Back-to-School Campaign

I still get giddy whenever it's June! I miss going to school, no matter how stressful it can get (think: countless exams, project deadlines, extra-curricular activities, struggles just to get flat 1, etc). My crazy friends kept me sane anyway. :D It may have been a while ago, but for me, the memories of high school and college will never depart my mind. :)

My mom and I happened to pass by a bookstore last week and it was crowded with families buying school supplies. Saw how excited the kids were while shopping! Oh, I missed that feeling!! Back then (especially in gradeschool and high school), I had color-coded notebooks for each subject, complete sets of folders and envelopes, pens in all points and colors, boxes of crayons and markers, and the list goes on. My lockers almost gave up on my stuff 'cos mom and dad made sure I was equipped with everything.

Now that I'm working, I no longer need too much supplies, just a planner, my pens, gadgets and organizers. Since those functional products will be holding my everyday documents, they need to be stylish and in good quality! :p And I think I just found the right brand that carries those. Say hello to FILED! :)

FILED is a brand that delivers innovative products in response to the organization needs of students and young professionals. It was created by a group of people who understood the needs and wants of the youth, and they wanted to solve the problem of disorganization in the most stylish way conceivable. No doubt, you'll surely have your favorites from their collection of folders, notebooks, planners and cases! ;)

They recently launched their newest campaign called TopNotch: Back-to-School Craze 2014. With the products for this campaign, your jam-packed school days can turn into an empowering road to distinction. FILED will hep you rise above challenges by bringing out your A-game and helping you become TopNotch! :)

With FILED's array of innovative products, you will definitely be encouraged to be creative and organized in conquering the days ahead! :)

Which among FILED's products would you want to own? :) I super love their File Folder, Linknotes and Pocket Wallet!! ;)

FILED is available in the following schools and stores nationwide:

Fully Booked | Powerbooks | Bibliarch | Loyola Schools Bookstore ADMU | Main Bookstore DLSU Taft | Tams Bookstore FEU Morayta | Maroons Store, Shopping Center UP Diliman | Website

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