Blogging while on my pj's now, daydreaming about the recent beach trips that I've had. And it doesn't help that I'm sharing with you this set of outfit photos taken at La Union a week ago. It just makes me crave for the sea, sand and sun even more! :( Someone take me to the beach now!!!

On me: Monokini (in blue feather print) courtesy of CESA | flipflops (in Rose Gold) courtesy of Havaianas

This Cesa monokini is the perfect swimwear for girls with strict bosses (think: dad) :p I also really love how flattering it is - it can hide my tummy so I never ever worried about eating a lot during this trip! You can just imagine all the liempo, crispy pata, inihaw na pusit, etc I ate there! #whatcontrol #whatdiet

Waterproof pouch courtesy of Gadgets Manila

This Gadgets Manila waterproof pouch's heaven-sent! All my important stuff - two iPhones, lens cap, room keys and power bank - were kept safe and dry inside! :)

Photos by Joy Rodriguez

Stay tuned for my La Union photodiary! Coming up next! xx

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