Bloggers United 7 Photodiary

Can you believe it?! We've finally reached the 7th leg of Bloggers United! :) Although this season wasn't as jam-packed as the previous ones, our readers (YOU) never made us feel like there's something lacking. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to visit and shop! It's really, really priceless to see and interact with you guys! Ibang klase! :)

Sharing with you my BU7 photodiary! Most of the photos here were submitted by my readers (some even came from provinces pa!), so if ever we have photos together last Saturday, feel free to tag me on Twitter/Instagram (@listentoarnie) or email them to me at arniezero7(at)gmail(dot)com. Would love to include them here!

Brought my almost entire closet with me to BU7! Had a hard time packing these, major #sepanx with my clothes, bags and shoes (most of them I only wore once or twice only), but I knew they needed new parents. Thanks to everyone who raided my closet!! Please take good care of those babies! :)

In terms of the program and activities, no doubt that BU7 nailed it! :) There was something going on in every corner (think: giveaways, games, pop-up salon, food trucks, indoor trampoline, etc), and all those were intended to make our readers happy.

Dairy Queen also had a stall, and they released their newest flavors there. I tried the Waffle Crisp Nutella and the taste was nothing short of amazing!!!  Craving for it as I type. Yum yum yum :) #DQlovesBU

Aside from all those, one of the grandest sponsors of BU7 was Smart Communications! If I remember it right, I think they gave away a smartphone to one lucky shopper! ;)

Signal was also great during the event. I never had a hard time uploading photos on Instagram, tweeting and checking my mails because of the super fast LTE of my phones (which are both networked in Smart, mind you). It will surely be awesome to have Smart again in the coming Bloggers United installments! :) #SmartBU7

Anymoo, took screenshots of the photos you tweeted/tagged me! In case I missed anything, send them over pretty please :)

These babies became good friends after my blog's meet and greet party last year!!! Awww!!

Hope everyone had a blast this BU7!!! Looking forward to see you on the 8th leg ;)

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