Never Tired of Whites

If you'll peek through my closet, you'll notice that 60% of my clothes are in white. Whether I'm off to an event (except when there's a theme to follow) or just a chill day at the mall, I don't know why but I'd go for white ensembles. Albeit risky to wear this color, white is known to be an excellent neutral palette since it can fit every pair of shoes, handbag or accessories. It's simple, minimal and classy - the style I've always been drawn to. :)

Here's what I wore to the recently concluded Bloggers United 7! :) Again, many thanks to everyone who came to drop by and shop! We hope you guys enjoyed this big summer fair. After all, para sa inyo talaga ang BU!

On me: Olivia frill dress courtesy of PINKaholic | seamless brassiere courtesy of Wacoal Philippines | necklace (gift from Tracy) | Manuella heels from Memorata by CLN

The moment this dress came into my doorstep, I knew it's for keeps. I can already imagine myself wearing this in 10 years or so. It's very classy and flattering; got lots of compliments when I wore it to BU! :) Apart from the frilly hemline, my favorite detail's the deep U-cut at the back. Nice diba? :)

My love Tracy just got back from the States and gave me this super nice necklace as her pasalubong! Perfect timing 'cause I failed to bring my accessories for this ensemble at home. Me + mornings + rush mode = not a good combo! Hahaha! So thank you again, Tracyyy!!! You're my lifesaver and you exactly know the things I love ♥ I love you babe!!

I've proven so many times how underwears can make or break your look. Don't you just hate it when annoying bra lines reflect on your top or dress? Thank goodness, Wacoal produced seamless bras (with full cups, slightly padded, underwired and has adjustable straps)! :)

Here's another beautiful addition to my shoe collection! :) These Manuella heels are from Memorata by CLN. They have so many nice designs that can suit different personalities of women. I think YOU must have your own Memorata pair! ;)

Photos by Mom

How about you? Is there a particular color or print that dominates your closet? Let's chat in the comments section below! :)

Yellow Cab's Beefy Bob Pizza

You know you're insane with pizza when you have said "I love you, pizza" directly to a pizza. And I did that. So many times already. Especially if I'm biting from one of my favorite pizza chains - Yellow Cab! :) In case you haven't heard, Yellow Cab released a new product specifically made for steak lovers! I love steak!!! Oh my pig life. It's no other than the BEEFY BOB pizza! :)

10" Regular: Php410.00 | 14" Large: Php650.00 | 18" New Yorker: Php900.00

Beefy Bob is made up of thinly-sliced sirloin beef, tasty Hungarian sausage, button mushrooms, bell pepper, onions and a blend of wonderful cheeses (cheese jalapeno sauce, mozzarella and Romano cheese). Indeed the one for pizza and steak lovers alike! :)

Although my ultimate favorite Yellow Cab pizza is the Dear Darla, I also love Beefy Bob because of their generous meat toppings! Wish they'll add more cheese drizzles so we can further enjoy its philly cheese steak-feel! :) My folks enjoyed biting into this new pizza, nevertheless! Comfort food at its finest! *nom nom nom*


Aside from the Beefy Bob, Yellow Cab also treated us some of their best-selling extras! I'm a huge fan of their Hot Wings ever since! Chunky chicken chops plus the right spicy notes! Glad we finally got reunited ♥♥♥ 

Spaghetti with Meatballs
Full: Php260.00 | Half: Php140.00

My Dad commended Yellow Cab for their bounteous servings, not only in pizzas but for their other offers as well. We just can't get enough of their Spaghetti with Meatballs! Two gigantic meatballs, just to point out! Satisfying! :)

Tortilla Chips with Jalapeno Cheese

Lastly, we had Yellow Cab's Tortilla Chips with Jalapeno Cheese dips. We definitely enjoyed snacking on these crunchy chips while we played board games! Superb match! ;)

Few more outtakes (iPhone shots) from yesterday's feast...

Many thanks to Yellow Cab for yellowfying my family's Saturday! Can't think of any better way to celebrate the weekend than biting into yellow! :)

Hurry and try out this hearty, meaty meal on a pizza! Heard Beefy Bob's running until June 30, 2014 only! :)

Beefy Bob is available for dine in, take out and delivery! For updates and more information, visit Yellow Cab's official pages here:

La Union Photo Diary

This year, I promised myself to go out, explore new places, try new things and hit the beach more often. I've been such a lola for quite some time now - hiding inside my room, declining parties and getting lazy for getaways - that I totally forgot about the beauty of the cities outside Manila. Ikr, what's wrong with me!!! Hahaha! So first stop for this year... La Union! ;)

Spent this YOLO weekend with my high school girlfriends (Joanne, Jean and Joy) and Jean's family! Craziest bunch ever!!! :p

It only took us over 3 hours to reach La Union from Quezon City! Whew! Jean's brother, kuya James, drove like a drag racer in NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX!!! Solid!! Hahaha! We arrived in our accommodation just in time for breakfast. :)

Monokini courtesy of CESA 
More about this look here.

These two were camwhoring while Joy and I were shooting OOTDs! Cuties!!!

Spent hours at Moonleaf after swimming and we dosed on our favorite Lychee Nata milk tea! Craving for it as I type... ugh.

I love you girls!!! ♥♥♥

Ended our first day with booze by the beach!

We woke up extra early for the second day so we can enjoy surfing longer! Finally got to tick off this activity from my bucket list! ;)

Except for Jean, it's our first time to try surfing so we had to learn the basics and do's/don'ts. FYI: I don't know how to swim, so imagine how frightened I was all throughout the session. #trufax

Please try not to laugh in the next few photos... hahahaha! Believe it or not, we were able to stand on the surfboard. Not sure why walang photo, only the epic fail ones!!!

Go Joy!!! 

My turn together with Jean!!!


Ola, Joanne!


Nevertheless, I super love surfing and I cannot wait to try it again!!!

Another round of Lychee Nata from Moonleaf! :p

Ate Din, baby Lucas, Jean and kuya James

Our youngest and most handsome surfer - Lucas!!! Can't wait for you to grow up, baby boy!

I'll see you again soon, La Union! xx