I've been getting that advice so much from people recently. If you're following me on Twitter or Instagram, I'd love you for a lifetime you'll know that I've been going in and out of the hospital for more than a week now. Even at the moment, I couldn't function completely well. It's hard to be sick especially when you're juggling so many things and personalities. Like 24 hours a day isn't enough (since college til present). But I realized, that's the point. I have a lot of plans for every second of every day, and sometimes I tend to forget to take a break. I just nodded when the doctor said I've been stressing myself too much, but at the back of my mind, I don't think I am. Because I love everything that I do, and at the end of the day, I don't feel exhausted at all.

Then again, relax. Albeit enjoying every single task I do, my body has limits and could only handle so much. It's okay to rest and do absolutely nothing for a day or two (that's why there's this thing you call "weekend"). You're not a bum for doing this. You're just doing your health and body a favor.

On me: top courtesy of PINKAHOLIC | STYLE CODE paint splash flute skirt | shoes courtesy of ROSEM

I'm glad I can finally utter "relax" to myself despite learning it the hard way. If you're someone who acts like a superhero for handling too many responsibilities, take it easy. Never push yourself too much or else you'll get hospitalized, too! Hahaha! But seriously, rest. It's necessary. Your future self (say, 5-10 years from now) will thank you! :)

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Photos by Ana Gonzales

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