Plain and Simple

On me: white top courtesy of ROMWE | Super Shaper jeans courtesy of Freego | black slim belt courtesy of ROMWE | bag courtesy of Paperdolls | ROSEM flats | blue hair accents courtesy of STYL.D Hair Extensions

If you'll take a peek into my closet, you'll notice that I own only few pairs of jeans. Even so, what I have are good-fitting and versatile. When Freego sent me this Super Shaper piece, I felt giddy and excited to strut it because it is cropped, has the perfect wash - not too distressed - and fits me well! I'm afraid I might overuse this. Yikes!

If I have only a handful of jeans, on the other hand, I have gazillions of white pieces inside my closet. Okay, not really gazillions, that's exagg. But A LOT of white tops, dresses and bottoms, actually. I don't know why I veer into whites most of the time. I'm infatuated with the sense of minimalism that the color embraces. :)

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Have a happy week ahead, loveys! xx


Like Carrie Bradshaw, shopping is my cardio! :p For most people, especially women, there's a heightened feeling of happiness when we go shopping. You know that for sure! ;) But over the past months, I'm not sure how it happened but I became wiser with this activity. Now I make sure to buy what I NEED and not what I desire. It's actually a good practice! :)

Why should you consider doing this, too? Recent studies reveal that people use only 20% of their entire wardrobe. The 80% remain in our closets and will most likely never be worn again. While we continue to accumulate clothes we will never use, millions of poor Filipinos have hardly anything to wear. #trufax

Admit it, people only tend to donate when there's calamity, and sadly, some treat donation bins like trash cans - giving clothes that are no longer usable. One great solution to this is D/DATE! :)

D/DATE is an initiative to label new clothing with a recommended donation date. In a nutshell, here's how D/DATE works:

1. Buy a D/DATE shirt. Soon, this will be available in other basics like jeans, shoes, shorts and dresses, too.

2. On the D/DATE, donate it at the store you purchased it from.
Notice there's an "April 2016" tag in the shirt above? :)

3. Receive a discount on your next purchase!

D/DATE has currently teamed up with Team Manila to make this move possible. But of course, this will be even more successful if more retailers will participate. :)

Where do the clothes go?

The clothes will be collected by Caritas Segunda Mana (one of the country's largest charities dealing with donations-in-kind). They will be distributed to the poor in different areas of the country. Some of these clothes may also be sold in Caritas Segunda Mana stores. Any proceeds from the clothes will fun other Caritas projects for the poor including education, housing and livelihood.

Thanks to Team Manila, D/DATE and DM9 Interactive for my D/DATE shirt!! :) Proud to own one! I'll be going back to Team Manila in Rockwell to surrender and donate this shirt. 

Hoping more brands will join this advocacy! Make wearing then sharing a habit! :)

For more information, visit D/DATE in the following sites:

Saladbox x Skin Food

Saladbox conducted a Blogger Makeup Sparty last March 16 at Nail Cocktales Spa in Tomas Morato. Apart from getting to know their blogger partners more, Saladbox also unveiled their team up with the iconic Korean beauty brand, Skin Food. Swear (and no bias), this particular edition is downright generous with all the goodies inside! Here are some snapshots from the sparty:

It was an afternoon of pampering (courtesy of Nail Cocktales Spa and Skin Food), makeup tutorials/makeover and yummy treats! :) I badly needed this beauty session!

Inside the Special Edition Skin Food Saladbox, you'll get to try out and enjoy these:

Black Pomegranate Line:

Did you know that Pomegranate is a fruit also known as the Fruit of Life? It contains a potent antioxidant called ellagic acid, and has these benefits:

☆ Prolongs skin aging
☆ Provides anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties
☆ Protects skin against UV rays
☆ Contains estrogen that promotes supple skin
☆ Purifies skin

Skin Food's Black Pomegranate Premium Kit has the following products:

★ Black Pomegranate Toner
★ Black Pomegranate Emulsion 
lightweight toner/emulsion that can smoothen and illuminate skin
Black Pomegranate Cream
wrinkle-smoothing and skin-plumping cream that transforms rough skin into a glowing, supple texture
Black Pomegranate Voluming Serum
wrinkle-smoothing and skin-plumping serum that immediately replenishes skin's lost moisture for a smooth, supple appearance


Black Sugar Perfect First Serum and Cotton Pads:

This Black Sugar Perfect First Serum Gold Edition courtesy of Skin Food is a dual-functioning luxurious first serum that contains black sugar extract to soften and smoothen dry, rough skin. The precious gold is added to promote a luxurious glow. It also comes with special cotton pads that promotes smoother skin when used with the product.

For only Php333, you can get ALL these special products from Saladbox! Don't miss this amazing deal! Just click here if you want to purchase! :)

Saladbox has a treat for my dearest readers, by the way! By simply subscribing and commenting in their Youtube channel, you can win two (2) Skin Food Saladboxes! :)

Thank you so much to Saladbox and Skin Food for having me as one of their blogger partners and for giving me these awesome beauty products!! :)

Premium Eye Kit

Vita Tok Lipgloss and Nail Polish

Watery Berry Gift Set

So excited to use these!! xx

All Aboard with SM Accessories

Experience the sand and sea with SM Accessories' summer collection for April! Indulge with your fresh catch of accessories that can spice up any summer outfit! :)

See more photos of your favorite celebrities after the break below!



I've been getting that advice so much from people recently. If you're following me on Twitter or Instagram, I'd love you for a lifetime you'll know that I've been going in and out of the hospital for more than a week now. Even at the moment, I couldn't function completely well. It's hard to be sick especially when you're juggling so many things and personalities. Like 24 hours a day isn't enough (since college til present). But I realized, that's the point. I have a lot of plans for every second of every day, and sometimes I tend to forget to take a break. I just nodded when the doctor said I've been stressing myself too much, but at the back of my mind, I don't think I am. Because I love everything that I do, and at the end of the day, I don't feel exhausted at all.

Then again, relax. Albeit enjoying every single task I do, my body has limits and could only handle so much. It's okay to rest and do absolutely nothing for a day or two (that's why there's this thing you call "weekend"). You're not a bum for doing this. You're just doing your health and body a favor.

On me: top courtesy of PINKAHOLIC | STYLE CODE paint splash flute skirt | shoes courtesy of ROSEM

I'm glad I can finally utter "relax" to myself despite learning it the hard way. If you're someone who acts like a superhero for handling too many responsibilities, take it easy. Never push yourself too much or else you'll get hospitalized, too! Hahaha! But seriously, rest. It's necessary. Your future self (say, 5-10 years from now) will thank you! :)

STYLE CODE paint splash flute skirt (available for only Php400.00, fits small to medium frames)

Photos by Ana Gonzales

April 2014 Announcements Board

#ComeJoinTheCaravan with STOCKTON ROW!

Got plans for the weekend already? Kickstart your summer with The Caravan: La Isla Fete! Come and join the Caravan, as they feature Filip + Inna, Quiver, Brown Belly, Two Chic, Myth, Thread365, Bensimon, Praiaz, K Way, Butter London, Cbeauty Universal Beauty Oil, The Urban Alchemists, Sparrow, Kiele, Kotur, Lagu, Renegade Folk, Rivieras, Saxum, Lustre, Melograno, Stockton Row, Nicole Whisenhunt, Sam Cologne - Azul, NCLA, VINO2G0, Tilka, Naked Sun Swimwear and more!

From all the brands mentioned, I'm most excited about the releases of Stockton Row! Here are some of their beautiful pieces: