Sunsilk Hairkada Adventure

Finally, after weeks of not being able to attend blog events, I had the chance to grace last Wednesday's Sunsilk Hairkada Adventure at Greenfield District! Before unveiling the two new girls joining Sarah Geronimo in the Hairkada, we had the chance to enjoy the different booths (screaming in pink, love it!) prepared by Sunsilk!

Sunsilk prepared different activities for every booth, intended to test the strength and beauty our hair. 

For that glamorous look before facing the night's adventures, guests had the chance to visit the Sunsilk Salon and have their hair shampooed and styled.

Na-channel ko my inner artsy fartsy self with this booth! Here, we got to design our own hair accessories (like clips, headbands, etc) and slippers (with cute pins) courtesy of Dupe! :)

We also tried the trampoline (kahit very very quick lang, haha) - one of the ultimate hair adventures for this event. If you used Sunsilk, your hair should still be manageable and beautiful after this activity! ;)

Big sis Ana and I are too girly for the trampoline! Give up na after a few attempts! Hahaha!

Aaand the last booth before the program was the Sunsilk Music, where we were featured in our own music video! :p

HAHA Cutie!!!!

Here's Sunsilk's ultimate endorser, the renowned actress and recording artist, Sarah Geronimo, on full confidence with her new hairstyle!

Regardless of style, color or length, Sarah only trusts Sunsilk. Now that her hair is short, according to her, the brand believes that she can be a source of inspiration to millions of independent, positive and determined Filipinas.

Now meet the two new additions to Sunsilk's Hairkada - Julia Montes and Jasmine Curtis! They both embody youthfulness and glamour, perfectly fit for the brand! :)

Like everyone else, the Sunsilk Hairkada also has their own dream adventures! Julia wants to go backpacking with her friends in Europe, Jasmine, on the other hand, dreams to visit all the existing Disneylands in the world, and Sarah wishes to travel and go hiking more often.

Before the event ended, we were all asked to write down our dream adventures on the papers and balloons they provided. I've so many aspirations in life, but what I only wrote was to travel more and achieve happiness. :)

Aaand there goes our dream adventures! :)

How about you? What's your dream adventure? I'd love to know! Comment up or tweet me (@listentoarnie) and include the hashtag #SunsilkHairkada! xx

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