More Than Enough

Earlier as I sipped through my morning coffee, I stumbled upon an article on Pope Francis' words about praying. According to him, "prayer has two attitudes: it's needy and at the same time it's certain of the fact that God, in His own way and His own time, will answer our need." Weird but apparently, I browsed my Twitter feed afterwards and saw a rant that goes like "I feel like I'm talking to the wall when I pray." #facepalm

I'm pretty sure all of us have gone through the phase when it didn't seem like our prayers were answered. I can't really blame those who don't believe, but from my humble point of view, no prayer goes unanswered. Maybe it's just yes, wait or no (if it's inappropriate or not really for you). You just have to trust God and His plans. Certainly, He'll give you something way better than what you're wishing for.

On me: STYLE CODE dress in plaid | black slim belt courtesy of Romwe | minimalist heels courtesy of Trunkshow | sling bag courtesy of Roxy Philippines

Perhaps this is where Pope Francis' take (which I quoted earlier) on prayer enters. That when we don't notice an immediate response to our prayers, we need to keep our faith and be more persistent. You have no idea how much I've been through before so I really know this frustrating feeling. Probably you've noticed that phase way back if you've been reading my blog ever since. But while I was on the verge of giving up, people around me pressed on that I have God, and He's actually more than enough. 

This time last year, I carried a damn heavy load and I wasn't really sure if I can surpass that dreadful experience. I almost lost hope. Thank heavens I didn't, because I wouldn't be stronger if I didn't go through that. The long wait for that particular prayer was all worth it, for I learned so many things along the way.

Photos by Christine Liwag

You just have to believe! ;)

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