Be Grateful for the Ordinary Days

I'm thankful big sis Ana and I still went to Coffee Bean's Brew Your Best Year event two Saturdays ago. We almost didn't go because of so many events and other commitments that we had to attend to. I'm glad we did, because I learned so much especially from Gang Badoy's talk. For those who do not know Gang (my golly where have you been hiding all your life!!), she's the founder of RockEd Philippines, an educator and a political advocate. I've been looking up to her ever since, and when I witnessed her speak live for the first time, I couldn't help myself from inhaling all my fangirl feels. Totally admire her views and straight to the point opinions. I wish I had her wit! :p

On me: top courtesy of Paperdolls (PD&CO) | Style Code skirt | Pretty Little Blings gold key necklace | sling bag courtesy of Paperdolls (PD&CO) | Rosem shoes | sunnies courtesy of Romwe

From everything that Gang mentioned in her talk, I think the one that struck me most was her take on goals. Everyone has aspirations, we all have big dreams. But on top of that, what we really need are "ordinary days", and we have to be grateful for those. These days, we've been getting shocking news about death, even the ones you least expected to die soon did. Maybe these people were on their way to their "big goals" like weekend adventures or extravagant vacations somewhere far but lost their lives all of a sudden. These are unforeseen events. Sometimes we need just the typical days - when we sip our coffee cozily, go to work no matter how lazy we could get, have simple meals with our families, encounter heavy traffic in Manila, line up patiently in the crazy MRT and more.

Top courtesy of Paperdolls (PD&CO) | Pretty Little Blings gold key necklace

Sling bag courtesy of Paperdolls (PD&CO) | sunnies courtesy of Romwe

From all the stress and hurrah I've been going through lately, juggling my day job, blog and personal life, Gang Badoy's words were what exactly I needed to hear. I got inspired that she has a way of reaching out to people to make our country better. That whether her seminars involve around 10,000 people and, say, only 5 or 10 will listen and really do something to change the wrongs in the Philippines, it doesn't matter because this small number of movers will give a huge impact to our society.

In Gang's case, she has RockEd Philippines. I have Raid My Closet. And this blog is my channel to reach out to people. I wouldn't waste the time of my readers with posts solely about myself. Ever since, albeit not being perfect, I've always wanted to motivate the youth and stir them to be better.

Photos by Ana Gonzales
Thanks big sis for dragging me to this event!! #lifechanging hahaha love you!

Have a great week ahead, guys! xx

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