7 Random Things That Make Me Happy

One of the things that I really want to achieve is genuine happiness. I'm sure most people would love to have this, too, so I thought it would be interesting to find more ways - random ways, if I may add - to smile or become happier. Here's my list in no particular order!

On me: dress courtesy of ROMWE | bag (gift from Ana) from Abby Jocson | flats courtesy of ROSEM Shoes

1. Inihaw na Bangus

Oh how random can I get?! Hahahaha! Most of you may not be aware that I'm allergic to seafood or anything fishy/stinky (even with chicken or eggs). But I can't control myself and still eat them even if I'm not allowed to. YOLO!! :p Inihaw na Bangus is one of my ultimate favorite viands, and I get really happy whenever I see this dish on our dining table. AHHH! Actually smiling as I type now. I love it that much!

2. Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

My friends know that I can't finish a whole bar of chocolate. Not that I don't love it, I do - you have no idea how much, haha! But I easily get tonsilitis, so di talaga keri! Hahahaha! BUT when it comes to chewy chocolate chip cookies, no one can stop me!! :p

3. Hearing my favorite song on unexpected moments

Don't you just love it when you unexpectedly hear your jam while you're peacefully walking somewhere? Like it's the soundtrack of your life? Hahahaha! Instantly, you'll be on a better mood! ;)

4. Seeing my friends

Nothing beats catching up with your friends, whether they're your buddies from high school, college, blog life or your hometown. It's amazing that even if you haven't seen them for so long, the friendship's still the same. Walang nagbago. You still laugh together over the same inside jokes from years back, remember the crazy moments you've experienced together and so much more. My friends are my happy pills! :)

5. Gummy Bears

I don't think I need to further explain this. :p

6. Old couples

When I see my parents sweet with each other, I find it so adorable. They've been through so many challenges and problems together, but after years of marriage, you can see that they're still so in love. It shows me that true love still exists, and people don't just give up on each other. I wish to give my future children a great love story to tell soon. :)

7. Lazy days

Since I started working, I've never had my lazy days again. Even on weekends, I'm out for blog-related events or bazaars, so I don't really get to stay at home and just cuddle with my sheets. I badly miss those days, but I'm enjoying every bit of my busy schedule despite being restless! I just wish I can spend even just one whole day doing nothing. Kahit isa lang! :p

Photos by Kelly Medina

How about you? What are the things that make you happy? :)

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