Be Grateful for the Ordinary Days

I'm thankful big sis Ana and I still went to Coffee Bean's Brew Your Best Year event two Saturdays ago. We almost didn't go because of so many events and other commitments that we had to attend to. I'm glad we did, because I learned so much especially from Gang Badoy's talk. For those who do not know Gang (my golly where have you been hiding all your life!!), she's the founder of RockEd Philippines, an educator and a political advocate. I've been looking up to her ever since, and when I witnessed her speak live for the first time, I couldn't help myself from inhaling all my fangirl feels. Totally admire her views and straight to the point opinions. I wish I had her wit! :p

On me: top courtesy of Paperdolls (PD&CO) | Style Code skirt | Pretty Little Blings gold key necklace | sling bag courtesy of Paperdolls (PD&CO) | Rosem shoes | sunnies courtesy of Romwe

From everything that Gang mentioned in her talk, I think the one that struck me most was her take on goals. Everyone has aspirations, we all have big dreams. But on top of that, what we really need are "ordinary days", and we have to be grateful for those. These days, we've been getting shocking news about death, even the ones you least expected to die soon did. Maybe these people were on their way to their "big goals" like weekend adventures or extravagant vacations somewhere far but lost their lives all of a sudden. These are unforeseen events. Sometimes we need just the typical days - when we sip our coffee cozily, go to work no matter how lazy we could get, have simple meals with our families, encounter heavy traffic in Manila, line up patiently in the crazy MRT and more.

Top courtesy of Paperdolls (PD&CO) | Pretty Little Blings gold key necklace

Sling bag courtesy of Paperdolls (PD&CO) | sunnies courtesy of Romwe

From all the stress and hurrah I've been going through lately, juggling my day job, blog and personal life, Gang Badoy's words were what exactly I needed to hear. I got inspired that she has a way of reaching out to people to make our country better. That whether her seminars involve around 10,000 people and, say, only 5 or 10 will listen and really do something to change the wrongs in the Philippines, it doesn't matter because this small number of movers will give a huge impact to our society.

In Gang's case, she has RockEd Philippines. I have Raid My Closet. And this blog is my channel to reach out to people. I wouldn't waste the time of my readers with posts solely about myself. Ever since, albeit not being perfect, I've always wanted to motivate the youth and stir them to be better.

Photos by Ana Gonzales
Thanks big sis for dragging me to this event!! #lifechanging hahaha love you!

Have a great week ahead, guys! xx

The Mind Museum Turns 2

I'm a big fan of museums and all other entertaining channels of learning. Way back in gradeschool and highschool, I appreciated educational trips like this more than reading thick textbooks and watching long boring documentaries. Admittedly, my attention span's quite short, and I easily get uninterested unless it's something big and impressive. That's why when big sis Ana pulled me to The Mind Museum's second anniversary celebration, I said yes in a heartbeat! I just couldn't miss it! :p

The Mind Museum is located at JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. This first ever LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) museum in the country is a project by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit organization supported by the property owners in BGC.

If you've been to The Mind Museum, you'll notice how "green" almost everything is - green in a way that it's very environmentally sustainable from their park, interiors (materials that they used), lighting and energy (using solar panels) and so much more! :)

Fieldtrip girls!!! :p

Our first stop (and probably my favorite section) was the Majesty of the Universe. Sobrang dreamy ko ba kaya ito favorite ko?? I fall for anything that involves stars!! 

This isn't just an ordinary chair, for you can hear the sounds of space when you sit here! Bigla ko gusto maging astronaut! Hahahaha

You won't only get to know more about the universe in this chair, may bonus instant stargazing din with Papa David Guison! Bet niyo yun?? Hahaha

Anyway, as you walk around the Mind Museum, you'll see something interesting, informative and Instagram-worthy in (literally) every corner. 

Ultimate throwback: Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks! Hahaha! I really think I'd understand these rocks better here than merely reading about them on Science books.

Big sis and I also watched a 3D documentary show about the natural history of the Philippines entitled "Ang Simula". How I wish documentary films were this enjoyable before! Honestly, we were a bit anxious that this might be boring and long, but surprisingly it wasn't! Napapa-nod kami sa galing; I appreciate the way they showed the viewers how the Philippines was formed. Iba yung attack!

Another highlight - this close encounter with the humongous dinosaur skeleton!

Told ya, every corner was artsy and IG-worthy! :p

Cutie big sis trying out these interesting activities! Very game pa rin! :)

Raid my bag, the Mind Museum style! Hahahaha!

Happy 2nd Anniversary, The Mind Museum! 

Get to know more about The Mind Museum online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter/Instagram @themindmuseum

Seafood Shack

Unfortunately, I get allergies (like lip swelling and itchiness all over my body) whenever I eat seafood, but that won't stop me from eating those yummy bonitos! They're unbelievably delicious and irresistible! So when I got invited to try out this new concept restaurant called Seafood Shack, I just couldn't say no! :p

Seafood Shack is located at F7 Rallos in Quezon City. You'll feel that you're away from the busy streets of Tomas Morato once you get inside this nautical restaurant.

Bibs were also provided 'cause it's always better (and more exciting) to eat seafood using your hands! Sooo ready to indulge on everything that's on our table!!!

But of course, before anything else... INSTAGRAM!! No matter how hungry we are, no one can touch our food before we get that perfect Instagram shot! #bloggerproblems #alldayeveryday

Here's the view from my angle! :)

Our sumptuous appetizers:

Southern Cheese Blocks (Php200.00)

Cajun Wings in Ranch Dressing (Php220.00)

Grilled Corn with Cheese (Php80.00)

Soup of the Day: Clam Chowder (Php130.00)

Creamy Mashed Potato (Php80)

Fried Baby Squid with Cocktail Sauce (Php200)

Main Dishes:

Boiled Shack: Shack's Catch in Shack Daddy Sauce (Php1,950) and Shack Rice (Php80)

How to enjoy your Boiled Shacks? First, you have to choose your catch (shrimps, mussels, clams, crabs, or all of them). And then pick the flavor/sauce and spiciness that you want. Our pick was Shack Daddy. Ready to dig in and get your hands dirty! :)

Baked Clams with Butter and Cheese (Php370)

There's always, ALWAYS room for dessert! :)

Choco Chip Sundae (Php150)

*Other photos grabbed from Kelly Medina

Thank you so much to Seafood Shack for having us! We had a great time with your amazing food offerings!! :)

More Than Enough

Earlier as I sipped through my morning coffee, I stumbled upon an article on Pope Francis' words about praying. According to him, "prayer has two attitudes: it's needy and at the same time it's certain of the fact that God, in His own way and His own time, will answer our need." Weird but apparently, I browsed my Twitter feed afterwards and saw a rant that goes like "I feel like I'm talking to the wall when I pray." #facepalm

I'm pretty sure all of us have gone through the phase when it didn't seem like our prayers were answered. I can't really blame those who don't believe, but from my humble point of view, no prayer goes unanswered. Maybe it's just yes, wait or no (if it's inappropriate or not really for you). You just have to trust God and His plans. Certainly, He'll give you something way better than what you're wishing for.

On me: STYLE CODE dress in plaid | black slim belt courtesy of Romwe | minimalist heels courtesy of Trunkshow | sling bag courtesy of Roxy Philippines

Perhaps this is where Pope Francis' take (which I quoted earlier) on prayer enters. That when we don't notice an immediate response to our prayers, we need to keep our faith and be more persistent. You have no idea how much I've been through before so I really know this frustrating feeling. Probably you've noticed that phase way back if you've been reading my blog ever since. But while I was on the verge of giving up, people around me pressed on that I have God, and He's actually more than enough. 

This time last year, I carried a damn heavy load and I wasn't really sure if I can surpass that dreadful experience. I almost lost hope. Thank heavens I didn't, because I wouldn't be stronger if I didn't go through that. The long wait for that particular prayer was all worth it, for I learned so many things along the way.

Photos by Christine Liwag

You just have to believe! ;)

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