Converse SS2014: Splash of Colors

Shoes are boring while sneakers are the opposite - the classic yet always trendy sneakers brand, Converse, has always believed in this outlook. They've been consistent beginning the 1900s, and these are the attributes (which I've witnessed since I was in gradeschool) that I love about the brand:

Heritage and Tradition. Converse embodies the pioneering spirit and the pursuit of greatness. This embodiment, in turn, is made possible only through an attitude of enduring strength. All of these are clearly obvious, as the brand is being sold by retailers in over 160 countries and through 79 company-owned retail locations in the US.

Converse is all about sneakers, not shoes. Sneakers clash with one's old ideas about the world and bring passion, vitality and positive change. Choosing to wear sneakers instead of shoes reflects a particular mindset - all about feeling confident, relaxed and comfortable in their own skin; just like how comfortable Converse sneakers are on one's feet.

Youthfulness. Less about numbers and age, and really more about vitality, optimism and restlessness. Converse assures that there's joy in creativity, new discoveries and new accomplishments. It's about a youthful perspective that allows one to enjoy life fully and with passion.

Individualism and rebellion. Being daring and willing to challenge the status quo - these qualities are seen in all Converse designs, colors and materials. Only by challenging old modes of thinking can one be truly creative and ambitious - to be able to level-up one's performance and even start a trend or create something new. Life is about change and evolution anyway, and with Converse, you won't be left behind, stuck in the past.

Canvas for self-expression. When it comes to range of colors and designs, nothing beats Converse. Even better, Converse sneakers are a blank canvas that wearers can modify as they please to express individual tastes, moods, philosophies and personal statements.

Expect to witness all the attributes mentioned in Converse's Spring/Summer 2014 collection! With summer being the season for holidays and the school break, everyone, from kids to teens, to young adults and the entire family, it's also the time for showcasing sneakers on the streets, at the malls, or in tourist destinations. Their pieces for SS2014 are all about splashes of colors! ♥

Spring/Summer 2014 All Star Collection

The All Star Collection is updated with exciting new patterns, colors and silhouettes for Spring. Premium materials and new executions elevate the collection and offer sneaker lovers a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Really eyeing on the Chuck Taylor All Star '70s and Tri-Panel! :)

Spring/Summer 2014 CONS Star Player Skate Collection
My personal favorite collection!!!

When you see these Star Player sneakers in stores, I'm sure you'd find it hard to go home with only one pair. My picks would have to be their timeless low-top CONS sneakers in radio blue or oyster gray, or their CONS Star Player skates in ensign blue or khaki, or the CONS KA-II in camouflage or navy. Ahhhh can I just get them all?! ♥

Spring/Summer 2014 Jack Purcell Collection

Jack Purcells have seasonless quality and clean design heritage. These classic leather-crafted sneakers are versatile, made for everyday use. 

Converse is also welcoming the newest member of the Purcell family, Jeffrey. Named after Jack's grandson, a 20-something golf pro, this style's classic lines make it versatile enough to take one through many wearing occasions. The sneaker is finished with an injected rubber outsole for added comfort, and the iconic Jack Purcell smile on the tongue and forefoot. This will certainly be a favorite for summer adventures!

Excited for everything that's gonna happen with my Converse family this 2014! Expect to see me wearing their sneakers and apparels more often! ;)

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