Sweat Session

Apart from my positivity mantra, I'm committing myself to be fit and healthier for 2014! :) For people like me who has zero gym tales (haha I know I'm such a piggy), this promise is something big and new. I know I still have months to prove myself with this, but they say when you do it on the first day of the year, it's going to be your habit for all seasons. :p So yes, I started my workout chronicles last January 1, 2014! Let's see how far I can go. Hahaha!

On me: white v-neck tee courtesy of Giordano Philippines | gym shorts from STYLE CODE | socks courtesy of Elle Girl | HyperTrack training shoes courtesy of World Balance Philippines

Lightweight shirt and gym shorts in breathable material, good-fitting socks for right blood circulation, and training shoes for multi-purpose activities (plus towel and water bottle which are not in the photo) = all check! I know you always see me in dresses and high heels, weird but apparently, I feel better and more confident with this kind of ensemble.

Let's all burn those holiday fats and stay fit throughout the year! You can choose from STYLE CODE's collection of gym shorts at super affordable price - only P200.00 each!

PROMO ALERT!!! Raid My Closet readers are entitled to P50.00 OFF on all Style Code apparel! Just include "RMC2014" on your details when you place an order with us! ;)

Since I'm still a newbie (haha) and have no professional trainer yet, my own routine is focused on cardio, arms and ab burning. Here's a preview of the exercises I follow, which you can also do at home if you have no time to hit the gym:

For endurance, toning and burning calories:

• Treadmill Walking (15 mins.)
• Treadmill Running (15 mins.)
• Stationary Bike (20 mins.)
- or -
• Elliptical Training (30 mins.)

SLIM CHANCE (view full details of this routine at Nike+ Training Club app)

• Straight Leg Kicks (1 min.)
• High Knee Runs (1 min.)
• Light Jog (1 min.)
• Walking Lunges (1 min.)
• Ski Jumps (30 secs.)
• Mountain Climbers (30 secs.)
• Wood Chops (1 min.)
• Split Jumps (30 secs.)

AB BURNER (view full details of this routine at Nike+ Training Club app)

• Toe Touches (1 min.)
• Russian Twists (1 min.)
• Plank (30 secs.)
• Modified Side Plank (1 min.)
• Crazy Ivans (1 min.)
• Recover (30 secs.)
* Repeat routine 3x

Actually, if not for cardio, I rarely use gym machines/equipment when working out because the other routines I do only require Swiss ball, medicine ball and dumbbells. But for OOTD's sake!!!! Hahahaha

My ultimate/favorite fitness buddies - these Hyper Tracks courtesy of World Balance Philippines! Not sure why, but I won't feel this motivated to sweat out without this pair. Give it a try, guys!

Excuses don't burn calories! Let's do this! ;)

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