Summer Ready

Put your hands together for my first (ever!!!) outfit post wearing a swimwear! Hahaha :p You have no idea about the "processes" I went through before actually publishing this! I had to seek for the approval of my parents with the photos and poses, so please don't mind if I look overly guarded and conservative here. Only these photos passed the intense evaluation we had. KMN. Hahahaha!

Anymoo, summer's nearing and I'm sure you're preparing your closets with beach essentials. Top on the "to-buy" list is, of course, the perfect bikini. ;)

On me: Two-piece in polka dots courtesy of CESA | cover-up courtesy of Roxy Philippines

Guess there's no need to further introduce this brand anymore, for CESA already has made its way (and they're BIG) to the fashion scene already! This swimwear line has been supporting Raid My Closet ever since my first year in blogging, that's why the people behind it are reaaaally really close to my heart. ♥ I'm so glad and proud that CESA has gone this far!

Morning of January 1st, before hitting the gym, I decided to go out of our hotel room at Luxent and swim. Families started flocking the infinity pool (which was veryyy pretty, by the way) so I'm really disappointed that I wasn't able to take these outfit shots there; nanghihinayang even as I type now :( #bloggerproblems lol! Thankfully, Mom and I still found an empty spot at the recreation area.

Photos by Mom

Given the "juries" have allowed me to post this set of photos, I bet this won't be the last time I'll be wearing swimsuits in my blog! Excited for my beach trips this 2014!!! ;)

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