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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! ♥ How are you doing on the first day of the year? I bet you're still bloated and on a high from the holiday festivities! If you feel that way, then you should be thankful. :) As for me, I firmly believe that 2014's gonna be a better year! Positivity has always been my mantra, but I really sense extra special vibes and greater luck now which I've never felt before. Totally excited to figure out what's in store for me and my loved ones! Praying for your success and happiness as well! :)

Anymoo, for a change, my family decided to spend the NYE at Luxent Hotel. For years, we've been following our tradition of celebrating the new year and Media Noche at home, so this is something new for us. By far, this is the best we've had!!! I'm super glad we made this choice! Here's a photo diary from our memorable staycation.

We arrived at Luxent Hotel around 2PM of December 31, greeted and assisted by their very courteous staff. Checking in was smooth and fast, btw! No hassle!

We availed of Luxent's Superior Room. It was huge and just perfect for the three of us! :) I also loved that there's high speed wi-fi access to all parts of the hotel, even in our room, so we were still connected in the online world! Easier to greet our peers and relatives, plus I also had the chance to man Style Code's accounts during our free time.

My luggage was filled with clothes from pending outfit blog posts (also the reason why you'll see me wearing different ensembles here, haha) and mom was very very patient enough to shoot my 6 layouts! Thank you handsome!! :)

And here's me and Mommy clinging on the other side of the room, haha!

After fixing our simple salu-salo for Media Noche, we headed down to the hotel lobby for the countdown to 2014!

Aaaaaand it's finally 2014!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Super fun and kagulo!!!

I loved everyone's priceless reactions! ♥

Thank You, Lord, for the beautiful start of our year! I couldn't ask for more :')

We woke up really early in the first ever morning of 2014. My parents had their breakfast buffet at Garden Cafe while I proceeded to the gym to work out and sweat like a monster! Sarappp!!!

#ProjectBalikAlindog2014 hahaha!!

Our family wishes prosperity, good health and happiness for everyone!
Happy New Year!! 

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